The Canadian Metal band, Hyperia, will be releasing the new album, “Silhouettes of Horror” in March. The band already shared their single “Operation Midnight” with a music video, earlier.

The thrashing single can only make us more excited for the rest of the album. The fast guitars, heavy vocals and powerful beats, alongside an added touch from Hyperia, are like an extension from old school Thrash Metal into the modern Metal scene, presented in a very beautiful way.

I enjoyed talking with Hyperia’s vocalist, Marlee Ryley, as she shared with me her feelings about the upcoming album and many other things. Get to know Marlee Ryley more in this interview!

Hello Marlee! How are you and the rest of Hyperia doing?
We are doing amazing. We moved to a new city near the beginning of the pandemic and we are thriving out here in Vancouver, BC and Nanaimo BC, Canada.
You are releasing your new album “Silhouettes of Horror” in March. What does it feel like as the day where you will get to share your hard work on your sophomore album draws closer?
It feels unreal to finally be releasing it. We’ve been holding on to it for a while now, but wanted to do some spread-out releases for our music video and singles. Going to be so happy to have it finally out there.
If you were to describe your upcoming album’s sound to a reader who never heard your music before, what would you say?
I would probably say be prepared for a crazy mix of vocal styles and awesome and thrashy guitars, bass and drums with a twist of a bit of other genres.
Would you like to tell us a bit about your musical background? Which artists did you grow up listening to and what inspired you to become a musician yourself?
Honestly, it was my mom who is now no longer with us that inspired me. She was a great singer and guitar player. Miss her every day. Music-wise I’ve been all over the place but I started to listen to metal when I was 11 and fell in love with the sound and it was very therapeutic for me. I think my first metal band was probably Metallica but it blossomed into many other subgenres of metal. I grew up playing the piano and acoustic guitar and have been singing since I was about 4.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!
I bet our readers would love to get to know you more, but I don’t want to bore you with too many questions. So how about we play “THIS OR THAT” and you just pick between two things. Tea or Coffee?
Cats or dogs?
Marvel or DC?
“Stairway to Heaven” or “Bohemian Rhapsody”?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Vacation in the mountains or sea?
Living in a city or the countryside?
That’s it! Thank you for the interview, Marlee! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to Hyperia and hope we can hang out with all of you at a show one day!
Thanks so much for the interview, Vanessa.

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