Ladies and Gentlemen, today I got you a young band from Poland, who are like pepper: small but strong. Luckily, I had the chance to follow them from day one and I can tell you these people are really hard-working and motivated and truly love making music. Since they conquered the music streaming platforms, I have been wanting to introduce them to our beloved Audience.

Congratulations on the successful start of the band. How would you describe your music to our readers?
Thank you so much. If I were to describe our music, it would be definitely mix of metal, symphonical elements and some kind of epic style with female vocal, but we’re on the way to add a new caracter to our music.
Sounds nice! How did you meet for the first time with the rest of your bandmates?
Well, me and Jakub, as a couple, founded the band on April 10th, 2020. It is a day since when the demo of ‘Hope’ was released. Members of the band changed. The current group is created by two other guys – Maks (keys) and Łukasz (drums). I met Łukasz in October 2020, on the first rehearsal with him, and I felt he’s a relevant person for this place. The story of meeting Maks is a little bit different because we met in Jakub’s place talking about joining the band, playing cards and having a great time as – now – 3 of 4 rightful members of Sighwind.
You released your first single on Spotify, “Dreamer”, in September. What is this song about?
This song was created during the pandemic so a part of the lyric treats uncertainty but also tells a story of one that believed in miracles and that dreams come true. Moreover, title dreamer is aware that he’ll never meet what is off-world (‘the Venus’ heart’) but can do anything here on Earth.
You are from Poland, a very beautiful country. How would you describe the Polish metal scene in terms of the bands, fans, and events?
There are some Polish metal bands well-known around the world such as Behemoth, Acid Drinkers, Vader, Hunter and Unsun. At gigs polish people are not as dynamic as it is supposed to be, I mean our nature is devoid of openness and pure joy of the moment. There are very few people that are not shy or closed. But if you’re a polish fan, you’re an everlasting fan, even if you can’t show that. If it comes to the events, in Poland we have some rock/metal style festivals such as Pol’And’Rock (earlier Woodstock), Castle Rock Party, Jarocin Festival and Cieszfanów.
Would you please describe your band members, including yourself, in 1-2 sentences?
Yeah, of course. So let’s start with our drummer – Łukasz. He’s a free spirit. When he’s playing, all the good and bad emotions that are filling him, are flying in the air – you can actually feel it. Composer and bassist – Jakub – we’re almost the same age. Jakub is definitely a title dreamer – his passion and joy overcome all obstacles and inspire us to go ahead. In his hands every instrument just sounds good, especially these three ones that composes on – bass, guitar and keys. Maksymilian – white and black keys under his fingers are almost dancing during the song, he’s feeling every sound. Maks is a very ambitious and talented person with a great sense of humor. And me, Anna – singing is my second name, it fills me with emotions and lets me show them the way I want – through my voice and melodies. Two years ago, composing the vocal lines and singing them, let me survive a hard time of pandemic and that terrible sensation of anxiety.
What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Besides the main part of my life – music, I’m keen on drawing and cooking. The first one helps me understand my mind’s riddles and the second one – makes pleasant my life and the life of loved ones with the hidden talent inherited from my grandma.
Thank you for the interview and we are jealous for the people who can taste your meals.

Don’t go away! If you enjoyed this interview, save this into your calendar: In the first half of October, Sighwind releases their first album.