Aspiring Rock band Madame Neptune released their new single with a music video a month ago. We had the chance to chat with Liss, the vocalist of Madame Neptune, and ask her about the new music video. Here’s our latest interview with Liss Eulenherz.

Hello, Liss. Happy to chat with you again. How have you and Danny been lately?
We are doing well, thank you. There is always a flow of creation, we are really having a hard time relaxing sometimes. Thank you for your time!
It’s always a pleasure! You have recently released a new single with a music video “The Ghost In Me”. Once again your music video tells a story. What is “The Ghost In Me” about?
The Ghost In Me tells the story of toxic people that give you false promises and hopes and are able to destroy you, left behind with shattered dreams. In the context of MADAME NEPTUNE´s background story, she is really angry about fake fortune tellers giving people false hope for having a moment with the souls of their loved ones. But in the end, those souls will have their revenge.
The doll you used in the music video “Bob”, is fascinating. I saw on Instagram that you made it (Not sure because I translated the caption from German 😂). Is this a hobby of yours? Or did you make Bob just for the music video?
The creation of bizarre figures/dolls as a part of our storytelling was something I had in my mind since the birth of MADAME NEPTUNE. The Ghost in Me was the perfect song to give them an introduction on screen and Bob enjoyed its first acting experience as well. ( He just needs new paint and a self-care day) Just the demons were a bit harder to handle, good actors but divas off-set. I absolutely enjoy bringing ideas to life or in this case those little souls. They are a part of me and I am a part of their little story too. It will take some time to “figure out” my own style and preferences in the making. But be sure, that wasn´t the last time you´ll see my little creatures.
That’s great! All your songs have a connecting concept. Do you believe your future albums will be concept albums or Rock operas?
Creating a concept album is one of the highest and hardest goals you can archive as an artist. As our whole band and characters are in concept, you will definitely see and hear more storyline aspects. Beneath the characters’ storytelling there always is a huge personal and intimate impact within our songs. Some are more obvious, some are not, some are part of fighting my own demons, and some are part of living in the world we have right now. All the songs have and will have a deeper meaning for me but I can’t see a point why we shouldn’t put them into an art rock costume or let them sound like rock opera. Let’s have some fun with our demons.
You have an obvious talent for expressing your song through your facial expressions and body language. We saw it on “The Ghost In Me” and your other videos. Do you have a ritual that gets you in character before filming music videos? Or does it just come naturally when you’re singing the words?
Oh I love your question, thank you for the warm words. I was in a drama group for many many years and always wanted to bring back those aspects of my life when the right time comes. I always was a very sensitive and emotional person and am able to experience feelings in a very strong way too. Maybe that is also the reason I am able to express them the way I do. I perform it- I feel it. Deeply. I am able to cry at concerts and to get lost looking at a painting. Music is just one element expressing myself. In our case we like to work with all the possibilities art could give us. May it be acting, speaking, music or other visual forms of art. But to be honest, strong emotions also mean more disappointment or frustration if something does not work out as planned. And it´s harder to climb back to the top when you fall into the sea of dark emotions.
That’s beautiful! Thank you for your time, Liss! Anything else you’d like to say?
There is so much going on right now in this world, it’s okay if we´re not always able to focus or feel sad or angry about it. But I want to take this opportunity to focus on all the strong women fighting out there – for their life, for human rights. Stay strong!

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