Ever wondered what the winners of the FemMetal Awards get?

They do get a digital certificate (soon to be sent to the winners) and a bigger picture than the other nominees in the year’s Hall of Fame (under construction). However, the winners and a number of the runner-ups, and sometimes even bands who finished third, receive an advertisement space on the sidebar and footer of the FemMetal website. These ads are already running, and display by default an advertisement to the latest release by each of the Top 18 bands (except for the Most Influential Personality winner, in which the ad advertises the person’s most active social media outlet). The winners can decide to change the advertisements later on.

The number of advertisement spaces given increased to 18 this year after 15 last year. The 15 ads for the FemMetal Awards winners and high-achiever nominees were clicked 11,644 times last year by our 166,482 visitors.

So who are the Top 18 in FemMetal Awards 2022? And how are they calculated?

Each category in the FemMetal Awards has a weight associated with it. To determine the Top 18, based on the results of the voting, we arrange the winners of each award by the weight of their category, using the number of votes received as a tie-break for categories with equal weights. Then we remove repeated names, and repeat the same step for the runner-ups, excluding the write-in and Most Influential Personality this time, until we have 18 different names. Sometimes, in the case of the same acts winning multiple first and second places, a third-place winner might get into the Top 18.

So who were the top 18 this year? If you’re scrolling down on the desktop you might have seen some of the ads running already. However, if you’re using your phone, the ads would be further down below this article. In any case, here’s a list of the Top 18 acts in FemMetal Awards 2022.

1Venus 5Winners of Best Breakthrough Rock Act
2SheWolfWinners of Best Breakthrough Metal Act
3Visions of AtlantisWinners of Best Metal Act, Best Vocals (Clémentine Delauney), Best Album
4Charlotte WesselsWinner of Best Rock & Alternative Act
5VolturianWinners of Best Release by a Breakthrough Act
6Arch EnemyWinners of Best Brutal Vocals (Alissa White-Gluz)
7Cobra SpellWinners of Best Instrument Player (Sonia Anubis)
8April ArtWinners of Best Music Video
9Tatiana ShmailyukWinner of Most Influential Personality
10The WarningWinners of Best Write-In Act or Musician
11BEXRupper-up of Best Breakthrough Rock Act
12NocturnaRunner-ups of Best Breakthrough Metal Act
13StellarisRunner-ups of Best Release by a Breakthrough Act
14EpicaRunner-ups of Best Vocals
15Torture SquadRunner-ups of Best Brutal Vocals
16FeliciaThird place Best Breakthrough Rock Act
17The Pretty RecklessThird place Best Rock Act
18OrianthiThird place Best Instrument Player
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