Pressure is one of the most interesting bands in the scene currently. Having released two albums so far, the young Swedish band already have established a unique Metal sound with storytelling qualities. Pressure returns this year with a new EP, from which they’ve already released the first single “Demonic Oath”.

A very interesting title and an eye-catching cover art are a good fit for the new single. The song begins with brief ceremonial drum beats and chants setting the mood nicely. The vocal duality is present in all of Pressure’s work, however, in “Demonic Oath” the male vocals are mostly backing Oll’s lead, creating a beautiful dark effect, like a shadow of the higher tone.

“Demonic Oath” is a good reflection of Pressure’s identity: Progressive genre-fluid music with a storytelling orientation. Be sure to check out “Demonic Oath” if you haven’t yet, and follow Pressure to stay in touch with the band and be aware of their new releases.

Reuel Way

Being a feminist has been normalized as an irregularity through our patriarchal society, so I'd rather be called a "decent human" than a "feminist man". I breathe Metal and Rock and have a screwed-up sense of humour.