Interview with the FANS!

Jad: As a young woman, what rights do you feel that girls and women around the world are still missing?

Anastasia: What is lacking is respect and equality. When I hear offensive remarks about women, I always think “who knows if they would say the same thing if it was a man?” You have to change the thoughts of people, both men and women, correct offensive words used lightly, because we know, words are the first weapons used to do harm and just with the words you more cure ignorance.

Candice: Girls and women around the world are trying so hard to catch up with men and I think we are making better progress than ever but there is still a long way to go… Universally, women have to work so much harder to gain the respect that most men inherently receive. It’s important that our male allies continue to speak up for us and use their privilege to lift us up as we strive to make it in the same world…The more we break stereotypes and refuse to back away, the stronger foundation we will set for the young women of the future…We need to keep just showing up and proving we belong everywhere the men are… As a someday lawyer, I want to be an advocate for women and children. I want to be an example to young women that we can be whatever we want and we can achieve it through hard work, kindness, and lifting each other up.

Karolina: In some countries women still mean nothing. They can’t vote, they need to obey to their men, they can’t even show their faces. I think that a lot of women still miss freedom. A woman should decide if she shows her body or not. This needs to change.

Panni: There are too many businesses which in it’s very hard to women to rise. The woman should get a position as easy as a man does. And also i think on some places the men should start to see as humans. It’s funny because i was talking about these thing a week ago after women’s day with Elize a lot.

Shannon: In the rock and metal world there is always the lists of “hottest chicks in metal” and “best female guitar player” or singer or whatever, but it is almost never that a woman appears on a “best guitar player” or “best singer in metal” or “best bass player” or “best drummer in metal”. These rock women and metal women are equally as good, if not better than guys in metal…

Vale: I think that women need more RESPECT, first of all, worth and space, both in the world, in the music business, to be treated with the same level of men. It needs more laws to protect women around the world.

Vera: …Metal has always been a genre that mostly men are into, and when women started coming into metal, they were never treated equally… there are people out there that try to drown in condescending, sexual, creepy and negative comment…
More generally, I think in Sweden women get less salary than men at the same job! Girls, like boys, have expectations and preconceptions on what they should be like. What I have seen in my daily life in school, is a norm that girls should pretend to be like 20 years old when they are in freaking 6th grade…

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