Mirk: What lyrics from a metal song would you think of in the following situations:
If you’re depressed?

Anastasia: Alter Bridge, Slip to the void

Candice: “Now the rain it comes, The rain it blurs the grey line The grey line The Greyhound home You are so vicious Hurt me, I can take it…”
Devin Townsend – Deadhead

Francis: I am kind of nostalgic so I can’t name just one song, but bands like Draconian, Swallow The Sun, Trees Of Eternity.

Karolina: “One for all, all for one. We are strong, we are one. One for all, all for one. We are one – Nemesis”
Arch Enemy – Nemesis

Panni: “Keep it real, trust your dreams, and soon you’ll stand here next to me”
Amaranthe – True

Shannon: “No one there to hold you, No one hears you screams, You live life up and down now, Your nightmares are your dreams”
Kix – Don’t Close Your Eyes.

Vale: Korn – Did my time!

Vera: “Burn with me.. I’m just an empty shell, another’s friend, transformed to someone else..”
Amaranthe – Burn With Me

Mirk: If you’re getting bullied?

Anastasia: Rage Against the machine, Killing in the Name

Candice: “Step forward and meet a new sunrise A coward is shivering inside Today I’ll, I’ll be a friend of mine who swallows Suffering from a smile I drew a different reality With unconditional loyalty Ego hardly can be piqued ’cause I’m selfless…”
Jinjer – Pisces

Karolina: “One day, you’ll pay, you will see”
Arch Enemy – Dreams Of Retribution

Panni: “Eva flies away, Dreams the world far away. In this cruel children’s game, there’s no friend to call her name…”
Nightwish – Eva

Shannon: “They love to have control of you, Back against the wall, In danger of losing it all, Search deep inside, Remember who you are.”
Arch Enemy – War Eternal

Vale: Numb, Linkin Park. I love the video clip, the song, everything. RIP Chester

Vera: “What I can dream, scream, It’ possible.. But it will turn, burn, keep it real, trust your dreams. And soon you’ll stand here next to me..”
True, Amaranthe.

Mirk: If you’re happy and having a good time?

Anastasia: Gallows, In the belly of a Shark

Candice: “Living through the highest highs, You’re shining and it shows Down at the bottom, but I’m fine I try to feed it, but it still wants more Give me that feeling that I’m looking for Show them how to fly away when this world is torn If you feel like dying, lose that forever You’re shining and it shows…”
Periphery – The Way the News Goes…

Francis: To name a few: The Gathering, Arch Enemy, Revamp, Swallow The Sun, Katatonia, Theatre Of Tragedy… for brevity’s sake almost all the bands I have in my playlist.

Karolina: “Her soul could learn to fly one day. Once she found her knight. Waiting for her chosen time. To steal the heart of her knight”
Jeff Loomis – Chosen Time.
This song makes me happy.

Panni: “Oh-oh, sing me that song, at least there’s some song bringing me home! Oh-oh, same old song, i left my soul sold, play me rock and roll!”
Amaranthe – That song

Shannon: A time to lose your mind (Metal), But all we are keep fighting the fight, A fight for stuff remaining, A fight to get it right… All for metal (Metal)”
Doro – All For Metal

Vale: It’s really hard to give only one answer! I think Black Sabbath, Planet Caravan.

Vera: “And as I open my eyes, I see my shadow. Will I return like myself or parted atoms”
The Nexus – Amaranthe.

Mirk: If you’re late to school or work?

Anastasia: Jinjer, Captain Clock

Candice: “As the lights surround me I’m losing myself In altered minds I’m falling Falling deeper Siphoned into dirty water Echoes of whispers Brought you here Now is the time Wander into horizons…”
VINTERSEA – The Gravity of Fall

Karolina: “My apocalypse is near, I can feel the end, coming here”
Arch Enemy – My Apocalypse
They would kill me if I’m late to school!

Panni: “A tear is only water, a sigh is only air. Whenever you feel haunted, the truth lies out there…”
Delain – Sleepwalkers dream

Shannon: “The damage has been done, I’m righting all the wrongs, I’m relentless like you made me”
New Years Day – Malevolence

Vale: Black Sabbath! No doubt! PARANOID!

Vera: Actually the lyrics of “Don’t Tell Me” by Browsing Collection! But well, of Ama-songs I think of the lyrics of “Gg6” because it is a rebel song and I always feel like a rebel when I come too late to school!