Los Angeles based band, The Spider Accomplice, has just released a new single entitled ‘Crawl’. The American Rock duo adds another catchy song to their discography of unique modern Rock anthems, such as Swallow and Enough. We at FemMetal had the chance to review the newly released single. We also had the pleasure to interview vocalist VK Lynne and talk with her about her band’s music, her ideas, and other things.

First, in case you haven’t yet heard the new single, here you go.


Crawl is a soft Rock song that crawls (pun intended) into the ears and dives right into the mind and heart. And that’s not just poetry, it’s real. Here’s how.

The song begins with a slow and soft melody, which VK Lynne sings to in a matching soft, but powerful voice. The song keeps gaining intensity as the vocals become higher in tune on the chorus, and then the soft melody is joined by a careful drum beat that grows slowly in speed as the vocals continue softly. The song continues to grow with a sensational guitar tune and electrifying vocals till the end. The song is very rich in musical elements to a point that makes you feel the two-people band is a whole orchestra.

Crawl is the type of songs that if you have in a playlist that you’re listening to, and you reach it, you’d stop whatever you’re doing and just enjoy the lyrics being sung in such a magnificent voice, and the wonderful music, even if what you’re doing while listening to the playlist is studying for tomorrow’s exam or finishing a project due yesterday. VK’s voice is so catchy and relieving she can easily take Morgan Freeman’s place in narrating documentaries.

We recommend Crawl by The Spider Accomplice for all Rock fans.

New single cover art


Below is the interview we had with VK Lynne few days before the release! Hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed it!

Hello VK! It’s a pleasure to chat with you. How are you doing these days?
Constantly! In fact, sometimes the “doing” takes over, but I’m working on making it a PART of living rather than the whole enchilada!
We’re going to talk about your upcoming single, ‘Crawl’, due to be released on July 3rd. How are you feeling as the day of this release draws closer?
Excited! And really energized to get it to as many ears as possible; I have a feeling that someone out there needs to hear it. I had the idea for this song a long time ago; I just never really knew how to ‘birth’ it, so to speak? But as usual, Arno did. He has a knack for aurally visualizing what a song can be just from the bones. 
What makes ‘Crawl’ special and different from your previous singles and releases?
This is going to be different from our past releases, but that’s always been my M.O. I’ve never seen the point in doing the same thing twice; it feels like it would be an insult to the art and to the fans.  
On a technical level, because of the pandemic, we recorded this song independently; we were never in the same room during its creation, but it still came together.
You’re also releasing a music video for the single. Was it hard to film the music video with the current pandemic situation all the world is going through?
Absolutely- I take everyone’s safety very seriously, and at first, we thought we  wouldn’t be able to do a video. But after some brainstorming, it was decided that me and my cameramen would go out alone, in masks, and shoot, and Arno and his cameraman would go out separately, and then we’d edit it together. It was nerve-wracking to say the least, especially when I spent a good bit of time climbing up cliffs and such!
Glad it worked out!
I always do some kind of background check on artists before preparing the interview questions. When I googled your name I was surprised you’re not just a singer, but also an actress, model and a writer. How did each of these talents you’ve practiced help in building your overall character?
You’re very kind; you make me sound way cooler than I am! I don’t really consider myself a model or actress in the traditional sense. To me, all of those things are one facet of the same characteristic: I’m a storyteller. Since I was a little girl, my refuge has been books to read and blank notebooks to fill. When the words fill me up to bursting, I begin to sing and share the stories that way, too. Sometimes they spill onto my outsides on their way from my mouth, and they color my hair and my skin, making my body a kind of art piece to be photographed, so I said yes to modeling (as I tend to say yes to everything!), and the visual of ‘VK Lynne’ became a viable bartender, biker, goth girl, makeup artist, etc, in various movies. 
In reality, all of history is a story; I’m just a side character.
That’s still as cooler than I imagined 😂
I’ve also seen how you use social media to address current situations such as health precautions some people might refuse to take or racism or homophobia. I saw a comment on another artist’s post that talked against racism, and it made me angry. It said: “Stick to music”. In your opinion, how important is it for an artist not to “stick to music” and use her/his ability to reach more people to spread positive and awareness messages, like you do?
It’s very interesting that so many people seem to feel that way. Music, and art itself, has always been about reflecting life. Artists take in what’s going on around them, like plants;  they absorb the sun, mix it with the chlorophyll of their talent, then photosynthesize it and produce songs and books and paintings and plays. To ignore the climate of the day would be to deny ourselves the materials to create! So it’s not necessarily offensive to suggest that we “stick to music,” it’s merely ignorant. 
Because if you’ve lived longer than 5 minutes, you’ve heard of the 60’s, and Bob Dylan and John Lennon and Hunter S. Thompson and Spike Lee and Toni Morrison and a slew of creatives who have been loud about the world around them, and all for our betterment. 
I don’t know if I’m spreading positivity, to be honest. I spread truth, while acknowledging that it’s only MY truth. Don’t like it? Tell me yours. Let’s talk. That’s how the world changes.
Have you ever been treated with sexism? How would you deal with someone being sexist to you and what advice would you give women around the world who have to face oppression every day?
Of course, I’m a woman who leaves the house! But I guess that  the way I deal with it is to give it little credence. I don’t wake up in the morning and say, “What shall I do as a woman today?” I don’t think of myself a “female musician,” I think of myself as a musician. I conduct myself in that way, and I tend to spend little time with people who try to make my gender an issue. As a young girl, I suffered way more fools than I should have, and I paid for it in emotional anguish and professional drama.  

There is no one way to deal with sexism, and, in general, I try not to give advice, because what’s good for me isn’t necessarily good for everyone. Each person has to find their own way. What I have said, is that we often put way too much emphasis on “not burning bridges,” no matter how poorly we’re treated. That is what allows bad behavior to continue. 

Light ‘em up. I’ve got matches if you need them.
If you had the ability to get rid of one and only one problem our world is facing right now, be it hunger, racism, pollution..etc, which problem would you choose to get rid of?
Ignorance. Because I believe all the other issues stem from that one. I know that there is evil in the world, but I still believe that people want to be good. When they know better, they do better. We’ve unfortunately built a culture that mocks and scorns education; there are those who use that belief as a weapon to deny truth and knowledge to people, keeping them in darkness and fear, which grows into hatred and distrust.

It’s going to be the downfall of our society.
Aside from the single Crawl, are there any future projects for The Spider Accomplice you’d like to tell us about?
We have a slew of songs written, and our plan is to keep getting them out to you! With the current musical climate being what it is, we’ve decided to release a song/video combo per quarter. That way we can make each one high quality and give it its due as a piece on its own merits.
Thank you for the interview VK! It’s been a pleasure to chat with such a talented person as yourself. 
Thank you! I appreciate all your support!

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