With the global economy slowly healing from the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with life going back to normal in most countries, things apparently felt too right and something had to happen to disrupt world peace.

Markie Morávková, vocalist of Czech Metal band, Alia Tempora, admitted through her band’s page on Instagram that she enjoys pizza with pineapple on top.

Following her statement, millions of people from around the globe took to the street to sound their disappointment and anger. One citizen stated that this is the “worst thing to hit the music industry since COVID-19”. Another claimed he is not surprised by the scandal as he has seen the Czech singer sneak ketchup sachets into an Italian restaurant. She reportedly had pasta.

Our reporter from Italy, Benedetta Baldin, said that Markie Morávková has “ruined the Metal genre for her” and has been spotted on a mountain screaming: “Why, God, why?” while wearing a Bruce Springsteen tee.

Well, that was all fake news (not the part about Markie Morávková loving pineapple on pizza, but the rest of it), but since you’re all here, and since it’s none of your business what food people eat, as long as it’s not your food, enjoy these Alia Tempora videos!

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.