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ALBUM REVIEW: “Kore” by Victoria K

ALBUM REVIEW: “Kore” by Victoria K

Since its release, I have listened to “Kore” about eight or nine times, and each time I listen to it, I uncover new aspects to admire… So here are some of the things I loved about “Kore” by Victoria K.

Interview with Kyo Calati (MindAhead)

Interview with Kyo Calati (MindAhead)

MindAhead is an Italian Progressive Metal who are set to release a new album on the 28th of October. MindAhead already released singles “The Last Stand” and “What You Are”, with the former being released with a music video. As we wait for the sophomore album from the Italian band that will resume the band’s story that began with their debut, we interviewed vocalist Kyo Calati and asked her about her band’s music as well as her take on different industry and social issues. Enjoy this wonderful chat with Kyo Calati!

Interview with Nancy Mos (Fortis Ventus)

Interview with Nancy Mos (Fortis Ventus)

There are simply too many good things people wait for as the curtain for the month of June unfolds. The summer, the warmth of the sun, the beaches, the delicious fruits, and of course, the debut album by the Symphonic Metal band Fortis Ventus. If this is the first...

Astray Valley – Tales of Lun (Album Review)

Astray Valley – Tales of Lun (Album Review)

FemMetal's Rating ★★★★★★★★ "Tales of Lun" scored 8.6 out of 10 on FemMetal's rating chart. Astray Valley is releasing their brand-new album "Tales of Lun", and as we had the chance to listen to its entirety sometime before, it seems like a good chance to write a...

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