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“Tales of Lun” scored 8.6 out of 10 on FemMetal’s rating chart.

Astray Valley is releasing their brand-new album “Tales of Lun“, and as we had the chance to listen to its entirety sometime before, it seems like a good chance to write a review.

Since the opening track, “Firehearts“, they obviously took a step forward this time. Like putting on some new clothes, vocalist Clau Violette dresses in splendour and shines all the way to the end of this album. They have the unique ability to create incredible atmospheres and scenarios, which contributes to a wonderful result. Everything is balanced, and it’s not hard for the listener to understand the message they want to deliver.

I’m going to use another analogy to describe the duet between Clau and Lena from Infected Rain. Like two dancers who know each other’s rhythms perfectly, both voices entrance in a glorious union, completed by the excellence of the other band members. The depth and meaning of “Erased” are expressed through the lyrics in such a flawless way, it’s simply a pleasure to listen.

I always appreciate when a band that’s not from the United Kingdom or the United States puts a bit of their native language in their albums. I think it shows great love for their roots, which isn’t obvious for everyone. And “Negra Noche” fits this profile; clean and harsh vocals mixed with a melody so harmonizing, it’s still stuck in my head.

And if those tracks described above are already awesome, as acoustic, they are just the cherry on top of the cake. If you know me, you know how much I love acoustic versions of literally everything. In these, Clau’s clean vocals take the lead and accompany us to the last song, “The Architect“.

It is a very sophisticated song and really captures the essence of the band. I would definitely say that it is a strong way to end the “Tales of Lun“.

I can’t stress enough the magic and the power of this record: the band has exceeded all expectations, creating something that will last as a light on a seashore. Fierce, brilliant, majestic.

We recently interviewed Clau Violette and asked her about the upcoming album.

Interview with Clau Violette – Astray Valley

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