The days remaining of 2019 are counted! And the year had brought to us many good albums and many new bands that debuted their career with EPs or singles.

Some of these releases were long-awaited and many fans are still waiting for the albums that are yet to come. Here is our report on some of the albums that came out in 2019 and what we still expect. Please note that we will speak about Metal and Rock albums from bands that contain at least one official female member, so albums like The Great War by Sabaton, no matter how great they were, won’t be spoken about. We also won’t include special re-releases. And we won’t talk about every album that qualifies, just some of these that we came across.

What came out?


‘Origine’ by Ancient Bards

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The Italian band continued their epic Metal journey with their fourth studio album, ‘Origine’. The concept Symphonic Metal album will be the first in the band’s new saga entitled ‘The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2‘ with the first having included three albums. The band, fronted by the amazing vocalist Sara Squadrani, added another album rich with melodies, epic story-telling and amazing vocals.


January also witnessed the release of Secret Rule‘s new album, ‘The 7 Endless’, which we spoke about thoroughly. Click here to read the full review.


‘Resist’ by Within Temptation

Resist album cover.png

Within Temptation, with their sensational and progressive heavily loaded music, came back in 2019 to release their seventh studio album, ‘Resist’. The album peaked at number one in charts in the UK and Germany and received very positive reviews. Front-woman Sharon den Adel and her band-mates toured the world with their album, sharing stage with Evanescence.

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Delain released Hunter’s Moon in February 2019

Another Dutch band, Delain, also released ‘Hunter’s Moon’ EP. Imperia also released their fifth studio album entitled ‘Flames of Eternity’.


‘Breathe in Colours’ By Forever Still

The Danish Metal band, fronted by the amazing Maja Shining, released their second studio albums.

A powerful blast of Alternative Metal music, enriched wit Maja’s stunning and vocals with remarkable variety in elements all meeting in the March record. This album contains ‘Is It Gone?’, one of my favourite songs released in 2019.

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The legendary Doro also released ‘Backstage to Heaven’ EP. The Finnish band, Battle Beast released ‘No More Hollywood Endings’.


‘Unbreakable’ by New Years Day

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American Alternative band New Years Day released their fourth studio album ‘Unbreakable’ on the 26th of April. The album with the energetic vocals of Ash Costello had a punch of Nu Metal and sounded more experimental that the band’s previous releases.

Two singles came so far from the album, the latest being Come For Me, released with a music video that exceeded 300k views on YouTube in the first 3 weeks.

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Blackguard and Hardline released albums in Aprils. A collaboration album between Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky, called Droneflower, also saw light in the same month.


‘Sociopathic Constructs’ by Abnormality

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The Boston Death Metal band fronted by Mallika Sundaramurthy released their third studio albums with brutal nine tracks extending along half an hour.

Die hard Death Metal fans would appreciate this album for all its power and intensity. Brutal from the very first second and till then end with brilliant lyrics and breathtaking riffs.

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Pythia, Starkill, and Earth also released albums during the month of May.


‘Awaken’ by Reality Suite

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New Jersey band, Reality Suite released a deluxe edition of their earlier released EP, Awaken, adding a hit track, Kiss the Ring, that was also released as a music video. A full review of the album on FemMetal can be found here.

‘Ending the Boredom’ by ODC

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Another release in June was ODC’s debut EP, Ending the Boredom. The French Alternative Metal released an energetic music video with the title ‘Houston We Have a Situation’. Ending the Boredom was also fully reviewed on FemMetal. Click here to read the review.


Nails, an EP by young Italian band ‘The Silence Between Us’ was also released in June 2019. We also had the chance to review that EP and interview bassist Chiara Zanon. Read here. Family Ties by Romanian band Familia Jeff was also released and reviewed by FemMetal. Read here.


‘The Time of Miracles’ by The Trigger

The Time of Miracles

The Serbian band released their fourth album entitled ‘The Time of Miracles’. The band fronted by the talented Milena Branković amazed with songs such as Pray and What Have We Become, both released as singles with music videos.

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‘Wanderers’ by Visions of Atlantis

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The Austrian Symphonic band set sail for a new journey with their album, Wanderers. As we get used to from Visions of Atlantis, the album is full of melodic riches, symphonic distributions, and gorgeous duets between the amazing Clementine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli. It is probably one of the best Symphonic Metal releases in 2019.

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Tarja Turunen released ‘In The Row‘ in August 2019

The legendary Tarja Turunen released ‘In The Row’ on August 30, 2019. Another great Symphonic album released in August was Heart Through Sacrifice’s debut self-titled album. With Corinne Cooper’s magical vocals and Doug Rimington’s great song-writing, the band impressed right from the first release. You can read a full review of Heart Through Sacrifice here.


‘Orphans’ by The Agonist

The Canadian Melodic Death Metal band released their third studio album with vocalist Vicky Psarakis. Probably my favourite Agonist album so far. The band appears to be making use of the experience they’ve had so far. The music is great and the vocals of Vicky are simply perfect for that record.

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Alia Tempora released The Dragonfly Effect in September 2019

Alia Tempora released a wonderful album called The Dragonfly Effect. The album, still resonating throughout their fandom, was fully reviewed on FemMetal. Click here to read the review.

Kobra and the Lotus have also released an album entitled Evolution in September.


‘Black Anima’ by Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil - Black Anima.jpg

Lacuna Coil released their ninth studio album entitled Black Anima few days ago. The album feels more youthful than previous Lacuna Coil releases, with the same beautiful darkness. Cristina Scabbia shines as always in every corner of the album.

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Unleash The Archers and released an EP called Explorers on the same day Lacuna Coil‘s Black Anima was released. Another wonderful album released in October was the debut of The Tex Avery Syndrome, Origin. You can read a full review of the latter in this link.

What is yet to come?

‘Endorphin’ by Infected Rain

Infected Rain will be releasing their fourth album. New singles had the taste of Metal Infected Rain always provided their fans with. The album will be out in 4 days from now! (Now is Oct 14)

‘Macro’ by Jinjer

We are still waiting for several big releases in 2019. The biggest is probably Jinjer’s album Macro that we have been teased to wait for through the release of the EP Micro and the singles Judgement (& Punishment) and On The Top.

Macro will come out on the 25th of October.

‘Universe’ by Edge of Paradise

The American band will release their album on November 8th! Already released ‘Universe’ single gives a good taste of what the album will be like!

Edge of Paradise released Universe in October 2019

‘Tales of Fire and Ice’ by Crystal Viper

Another one we are waiting for is Tales of Fire and Ice by Polish Power Metal band, Crystal Viper. The album will be out on November 22nd.

And that’s it from us!

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