Fadoua Braham is a Tunisian lawyer and social activist. A lawyer’s responsibility is to demand rights and sometimes even fighting for the these rights, and sometimes get her client out of a problem, and provide legal consultancies. In a society with a misogynist mindset, that believes women cannot defend themselves, what challenged would a lawyer and activist like Fadoua face.

Here’s how Fadoua answered our questions about women’s rights, and the piece of advice she gave young women.


Hello Fadoua. It’s very nice to talk with you. You are lawyer from Tunisia. What kind of sexism do you face at your job?
Sometimes we experience harassment during work from interlocutors and even clients.
But in Tunisia, we have complete gender equality, and there is no actual difference at the level of legal texts. Society must keep pace with the progress of laws and keep pace with the times.
How do you usually deal with hate speech and gender discrimination?
If the matter is related to one of my clients, I spare no effort in defending her and demanding restitution and her rights. But if the matter is related to me personally, my answer is work, success and excellence. This is the best response.
As a lawyer, what do you think are some ways to grant women all their rights around the world?
First, knowing your rights. Then demanding these rights with all the courage and tenacity it takes.
Secondly, women must stand together and support each other. Rights are taken and not given.
Finally, on International Women’s Day, what message would you like to send to the young girls who also want to be lawyers when they grow up?
Go through life with courage.

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