Are you ready to attend the darkest metal concert that will unleash dark forces in your town? Deathless Legacy return to conjure dark entities with their new album Mater Larvarum, bringing a theatrical show steeped in dark magic that will give you an experience that can transcend music alone. Are you ready to be bewitched by Steva’s persuasive voice and have your soul crossed by Revyla’s gaze?

Friday, February 24th, 2023
Opening act:
21.30 Hellfox
22:20 Nocturna

17 Antonio Locatelli Street
Ranica BG

Admission: 10€
Tickets available at the door
Ample free parking
No membership card required

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Deathless Legacy will perform a series of concerts throughout Italy to promote their latest release, “Mater Larvarum“, some of which will be heard at the concert in Bergamo. Nocturna are also promoting their debut album, “Daughters Of The Night“, released in 2022. Hellfox also released their first record last year, “The Call“.