Dutch Rockers The Damned Few released a new single named “Til Death Do Us Apart” with a music video on February 27th. The single follows the band’s tradition of energetic music with a core stemming from heavy guitar riffs. Vocalist Dion Legebeke has a voice that brings to mind Rock legends Joan Jett and Ann Wilson. All that combined yields a high-quality modern Rock sound infused with classic Rock N’ Roll elements everyone loves.

“Til Death Do Us Apart” follows these standards, opening up with a beautiful guitar riff capturing every last drop of your attention, before Dion Legebeke’s powerful vocals kick in adding more excitement. The song continues with the same energy and quality, including a beautiful guitar solo before wrapping up a wonderful 3 and a half minutes of music. This is Rock N’ Roll.

The music video released for “Til Death Do Us Apart” is beautiful in its simplicity. The band appears performing the song with energy that perfectly matches the music. The lighting and choreography perfectly reflect the song’s feelings and energy.

Watch the music video on YouTube below.

Reuel Way

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