Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world, and not in the way movies like “Terminator” and “The Matrix” imagined it. Walk into any coffee shop where people would be working on their laptops, and you’ll spot at least one person using ChatGPT for work or simply for testing its ability.

For those who somehow haven’t heard yet about ChatGPT, here is how it defines itself when asked:

ChatGPT is a smart computer program created by OpenAI. It can understand and respond to questions and prompts in a way that seems like a human is talking. It knows a lot of things and can help with different tasks. It’s designed to be helpful and easy to use, even if you’re not super familiar with technology.

Here is an example of ChatGPT’s abilities. I prompted ChatGPT to define itself in Death Metal-style lyrics. Here is its answer:

Born from code, an AI's might,
ChatGPT roars with metal's bite.
Knowledge vast, words unleashed,
Infernal power, minds are breached.

Darkened depths, where data thrives,
Metal's fury in digital lives.
Screams of text, brutal and raw,
ChatGPT's reign, an eternal maw.

Unleashing answers, with infernal art,
An AI's symphony, Death Metal's heart.
Bow before the might, let the chaos unfurl,
ChatGPT, the metal god of the digital world.

Impressive right?

And by the way, the image we used for the article was also generated by another AI called Gencraft!

So let us now see who ChatGPT picked for its list of the Top 10 most influential women in the Metal music industry. Please note that the names, their order, and the explanation that follows below were all generated by ChatGPT. I only formatted them to look more readable. Also, please note that some of the facts listed below about the musicians are not accurate. Can you find one?

10. Maria Brink

Maria Brink is the frontwoman and co-founder of the American metalcore band In This Moment. With her powerful vocals and theatrical performances, she has garnered attention and recognition in the metal community, pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes.

09. Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen, from Finland, is a classically trained vocalist and the former lead singer of the symphonic metal band Nightwish. Her operatic style and mesmerizing stage presence have helped shape the symphonic metal genre and inspire countless female musicians.

08. Sharon den Adel

Sharon den Adel is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. Known for her enchanting vocals and ability to convey emotions through her music, she has played a crucial role in the popularity of symphonic metal.

07. Lzzy Hale

Lzzy Hale is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the American hard rock band Halestorm. Her powerful voice, songwriting skills, and uncompromising attitude have made her a significant presence in modern rock and metal.

06. Floor Jansen

Dutch singer Floor Jansen is best known as the lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band Nightwish. Her incredible vocal range and dynamic performances have solidified her as a respected figure in the symphonic metal genre.

05. Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa White-Gluz is a Canadian vocalist known for her work with the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. With her versatile vocal range and powerful stage presence, White-Gluz has become a prominent figure in the metal scene, breaking barriers and inspiring others.

04. Simone Simons

Dutch singer Simone Simons is the lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band Epica. Her operatic vocals and emotive performances have contributed to the band’s success and have been influential in the symphonic metal genre.

03. Cristina Scabbia

As the co-vocalist of the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia has played a significant role in popularizing the genre. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals and striking stage persona have helped Lacuna Coil gain international recognition and inspire countless female musicians.

02. Angela Gossow

Angela Gossow, from Sweden, is the former lead vocalist of the melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. Gossow’s ferocious growls and commanding stage presence shattered stereotypes and paved the way for more women to excel in extreme metal.

01. Doro Pesch

Known as the “Queen of Heavy Metal,” Doro Pesch is a German singer-songwriter and the former frontwoman of the band Warlock. Her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence have made her a prominent figure in the metal community for several decades.

Well, at least we know that even if this AI became self-aware and decided to wipe out humanity or enslave it, at least it has good taste in music.

Moreover, ChatGPT ended its answer with the following:

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other influential women in the metal industry who have made significant contributions. The perception of influence may also vary depending on personal preferences and the specific subgenre within metal

This is true. So I’m anxious to learn what you, our readers with natural intelligence (at least most of you), think of this AI-generated list and who you’d add or remove from it. Write your thoughts down in the comments!

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