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Interview with Dahlia Neville (Accidental President)

Interview with Dahlia Neville (Accidental President)

We had the chance to chat with Dahlia Neville, from the Alternative Rock band, Accidental President. vocalist of the band who recently released a new album shared with us some of her insight on the album and told us about her musical background. Enjoy this interview...

Interview with Christelle (Sangham)

Interview with Christelle (Sangham)

We had the chance to interview Christelle, the vocalist of the French Progressive Metal band, Sangham. Sangham recently released a new single “Vertigo”. We asked Christelle about Sangham’s music and plans as she shared some of her experience with us.

Interview with Marianna Florou (Project Renegade)

Interview with Marianna Florou (Project Renegade)

Project Renegade is one of the most exciting bands that have emerged into the spotlight in recent years. The Greek Alternative Metal band released their second album "Ultra Terra" recently. We had the pleasure of chatting with Marianna, the voice of Project Renegade,...

REVIEW: MnemoS’s latest EP “Eucrasìa”

REVIEW: MnemoS’s latest EP “Eucrasìa”

MnemoS is an Italian rock band formed in 2009, and they have just released their latest EP, "Eucrasìa". We gave it some thorough listening, and you can read our review here! FemMetal Rating ★★★★★★★★ 7.5/10 Rock and roll takes a deep and interesting turn when it comes...

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