Misty Eyed is an Alternative Metal band from Georgia, USA. The young American band have released their newest single on the 3rd of April, entitled ‘S.O.S’. The new single quickly climbed to the top of their tracks on Spotify in terms of streaming with more than 8,500 plays currently. And how can it not?

‘S.O.S’ is a song that quickly sticks into the mind of the listener to a point your body begins to ask for it. A well-made tune with beautiful lyrics and passionate vocals. Listen to the single below.


We had the joy of interviewing Megan Burke and ask her about her new single, plans for the future, and many other things.

Hello Megan. It’s wonderful to talk with you. How are you and the other members of Misty Eyed doing?
We’re doing well! Hanging in there and doing what we can with the whole COVID situation and without shows!
Would you like to tell our readers a bit about your band, Misty Eyed? How did you guys form and how would  you describe the kind of music you make?
It really all started with John! He had put together some projects, people come and go, but then a coworker of mine introduced us and I guess the rest is history! I would describe our music as (hopefully) thought provoking alt rock! Haha. We want to make music that helps people see things from a new point of view. 
Photo credit: Jacob Adkins
You have released a new single last April called ‘S.O.S’. How are you feeling about the reception this single got from the fans?
I was really blown away honestly! Since it was a remake of an older song that we felt needed a revival, I was worried fans wouldn’t really pick up on it much. But we had so much support following its release, it gave me a lot of hope.
I’ve heard you’re also about to release a music video. How is work on that going? Are you finding it difficult in the current situation with the pandemic and 2020 being 2020?
Haha! It’s going well I think! We had to get creative as to how we were going to make it work, but I’m super excited about it. The videographer did such an amazing job and was so fun to work with.
So far you’ve released singles and EPs. Will there be a Misty Eyed full length album any time soon?
I would say anything is possible. I don’t want to give too many of our secrets away, but I definitely wouldn’t rule it out!
While checking out your band’s Facebook page a phrase in the biography caught my attention. It said: “You’ve been viewing the world through your eyes, but there is always so much more.” And since we love to play games in FemMetal interviews, I can’t let this go away. So how about we play a game called ‘In a world..’. I’ll change something about the world as we know it and give you a scenario and you’d have to tell me how things would be then. Ready?

In a world where the sense of taste and sound are mixed up, what food would Misty Eyed’s music taste like?
Hahaha I love this. I think Misty Eyed’s music would taste like a sour gummy. There’s a lot to chew on, and you love them because of how they make you feel!
Photo credit: Jacob Adkins
In a world where you can travel in time, what eras would you like to visit most?
Oh my gosh, I love the 50s. The overall culture with the greasers and drive ins. Either that or the craziness of the 80s.
In a world where you’re the lead vocalist of a Jazz band, what would your band’s name be?
(Can this be inappropriate? Haha!) We would always joke about being ‘Megan and the Flour Skins’ at the time we were a four piece, and we joked about how the guys wouldn’t wear shorts. Haha!
Sure it can!
In a world where sense of humour is the currency, how rich would you be?
Oh boy, I think I’d be pretty wealthy. I like to think I have a good sense of humor!!
And finally, in a world where you’re the head of a state, what is an interesting law you’d love to make?
Hm. I think I would do something with the amount of food that gets wasted at restaurants and grocery stores. So many people go hungry, and I think people of privilege have a duty to help when and where they can.
Thank you for playing Megan. Hope you enjoyed that imagination trip.
Do you remember the first time you performed live on stage? How big was the crowd and how did it feel?Q
The very first time I sang on stage, I was probably about three, actually. It was an old gospel song that I sang at a funeral. As morbid as that may seem! Haha. The first time I actually fully remember though was when I was 12, I started doing theatre. I was in High School Musical (which I LOVED at the time) and was just a background character, but I loved every second of it. There were probably about 40 people or so at each show!
Have you ever been treated with sexism? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to any young person around the world facing discrimination of any kind?
Unfortunately, I think it’s something almost every woman has dealt with and it’s so common now to, instead of us having conversations about preventing it, they’re conversations about what to do after it happens like it’s just a part of life. The best advice I could give would be to stand up and be as strong as you can. If it is something you can’t prevent, then talk to someone about it. And I hope everyone knows they have an ally in Misty Eyed, no matter why they were discriminated against.
Photo credit: Jacob Adkins
That’s great.
If you had the power to get rid of one of the world problems we’re facing right now, what would that problem be?
I’m personally very close to the issue we face with politics getting too intrusive with the way women use and treat their bodies. I would definitely get rid of any legislation telling women what they can and can’t do. Especially since women are so underrepresented when these are written.
Thank you for the interview Megan! Good luck for you and Misty Eyed in your future projects!
Thank you!! This was so fun, we’ll definitely have to do this again.
Photo credit: Jacob Adkins

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