A year ago, when we interviewed Abby K after she released her debut single ‘It Should Have Been Me’, we asked her what her dream for the future is. She answered: “My goal is to be a full-time, touring musician. My dream is to be playing internationally, on a huge stage, to a sold out crowd, and have every member of the audience singing my original songs back to me.”

A year later, it looks like Abby is walking firmly through that path. With her singles receiving thousands of plays on Spotify, she has recently released her brand new, ‘I Though That I Loved You’.

We had the chance to interview Abby K again, and talk her new work and plans. We also wrote a cute little review for her brand new single.


‘I Thought That I Loved You’ is by far the best single Abby K has released so far, and for many reasons.

The song itself is wonderful. The soft acoustic tune in the beginning and the brilliant chorus on the song make it a catchy one that captures the full attention of the listener, and then there’s a solo that adds the cherry on top. Abby’s voice is sounding better and better with every single she releases. We’ve already seen in her previous singles and in this new one as well, how Abby can let her emotions that are derived from the lyrics she’s singing to drive her voice to sound softer or harsher, as the lyrics require. Brilliant single. Can’t wait for the next.


To add to the brilliance of this interview, Shannon, our young and talented author (among other things she does), who also happens to be Abby’s friend, has joined me to ask Abby few questions. Hope you enjoy this interview.

Hello Abby! Happy to be chatting with you again, and this time with the assistance of Shannon. How are you doing during these awkward pandemic times?
I’m doing pretty well! Just focusing a lot on school and music!
Last time we talked you had just released your first single ‘It Should Have Been Me’. How have things been going with you since then?
Things have been great! I have released a few more singles since then. “Dirty Love”, “Rock the Rock”, and most recently, “I Thought That I Loved You”! Right now we aren’t able to play many shows, so we’re really focusing on releasing new music!
You have released your newest single, ‘I Thought That I Loved You’. How are you feeling about this new song?
I think “I Thought That I Loved You” is my best song yet. It is the most emotional song that I have written and it also addresses a new audience that I haven’t really reached before. This song is about the heartbreak a girl undergoes when finding out that she isn’t the only one.
What is the story/inspiration behind the “I Thought That I Loved You” music video?
I had the idea for the music video since the second I wrote the song! I knew that this song would be different. It would be a song that you can cry in the shower to, but also rock out to. I wanted to have powerful band scenes, and emotional ballet scenes. This power ballad is exactly where the badass Abby K meets the emotional Abby K. 
What is one thing you want people to know about you?
I am extremely determined to make a difference. I’m not just doing this whole “music thing” for myself, I’m doing it for all of the young girls to follow. As you know, the rock music industry is extremely male dominated, so I will fight to bring a rise to females in rock!
To get our readers to know you better, how about we play a little game of imagination? I’ll describe to you an alternate universe and ask you how things would be like in certain scenarios. Ready?
That sounds fun!
In a universe where the sense of taste and sense of hearing are mixed up, what would ‘I Thought That I Loved You’ taste like?
“I Thought That I Loved You” would taste sour and bitter. When going to taste the song, you would be expecting something sweet and familiar, but end up tasting something you haven’t tasted before. 
In a universe where you can choose one superpower, like mind-reading or flying or anything else, what superpower would you have?
I would love to be able to fly. Imagine the expenses of gas, airline tickets, and time spent in traffic you would cut down! However.. I would probably get caught up in the fact that I’m flying, lose focus, and fall out of the sky haha!
That would be awesome!
In a universe where the currency is the sense of humor, how rich would you be?
I think I would rank in the middle class of humor! Once I get familiar with my surroundings and the people I am with, I can joke around a bit more! It takes me a little while to open up to people because I used to be extremely shy, but that is something that I am working very hard on!
In a universe where your life is a series on Netflix, which song, yours or any song, would be its theme song?
In this case, I would write a brand new song for the theme song! I am very different from most people my age so there isn’t a song that really describes my life perfectly. I’m a 17 year old girl with a career in Rock N Roll… that isn’t very typical! I love writing songs so writing one to describe my life would be a fun project for me!
In a universe where every time someone listens to a song, their physical appearance changes to match the singer of the song, who would you look like right now?
I would look like a mixture of Lzzy Hale, Bruce Dickenson, Lemmy, Lita Ford, and Ozzy Osbourne! I would love to see what that looks like!!
Thank you for playing Abby! 
No problem!
What is your biggest goal you want to reach by the end of 2020?
2020 has been a very busy year for me. I hope to release my first EP by the end of 2020! If you want to stay updated on this goal… check in with me November 20th 😉
Thank you for the interview! Good luck in all your future projects! 
Thank you so much for having me! 

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