We interviewed Cellar Twins’ bassist, Elodie Vainqueur, and asked her about her band’s music and her thoughts on many things, after their 2019 album ‘Duality’ we re-released via Rockshots Records. Read the interview below.


Hello Elodie! How have you and the other Cellar Twins members been lately?
Hi! We’ve been very good thank you. Times are not the easiest obviously, but instead of whining, we are using this extra time to move forward and create some new songs that will likely crush the entire universe.
You released your album Duality in 2019. It seems like it was a massive success because it got a re-release via Rockshots Records this year. How do you feel about the way your fans received your album?
The release of Duality was highly anticipated by our fans. During the release party we did a sold-out in December, so picture a room full of people who braved the cold weather to listen and discover your new album. Just that is already an amazing feeling. Plus the fans were extremely positive and we got great feedback. There was also an extra surprise as we shot the video for the song Molotov Parade during that night (which you can find on the Cellar Twins’ youtube channel). This was just pure bliss and this led us to believe that it’d be worth trying to reach a wider audience by working with a label. Mike at Hardlife Promotion, our PR at the time, recommended us Rockshots Records.
If you want to introduce Cellar Twins to people who haven’t heard about you yet, how would you describe your music to them without using technical or genre-related terms?
Listening to Cellar Twins is like embarking for an intense journey into a unique world where light and darkness combine. A journey where modern instrumentals are blended with powerful yet clear vocals to offer a combination of powerful and catchy tunes as well as deep soul trips that have the potential to be enjoyed by all, from laidback rockers to full-on metalheads.
In order to get to know you better, and also get our readers excited for your album or look at it with a different view, how about we play a game? I’ll give you a task in a certain scenario and you have to pick one song from ‘Duality’ to do the task.

Which song from ‘Duality’ would you use to help a friend going through hard times?
Probably Tales of Autumn. While it may sound sad at first, this song actually carries a very positive and uplifting message.
Which song from ‘Duality’ would you use to introduce someone to your band’s music?
Selfear or Millenium would be great choices for that.
Which song from ‘Duality’ would you use to resist an alien-attack on Earth where the aliens have one weakness, that is songs with very heavy guitars?
 Easy! That would definitely be Molotov Parade! 
If all songs in ‘Duality’ turned into human beings, which one would be your best friend?
It depends on what type of friend you need! If you need a badass friend to help you on a zombie eradication quest, Antithesis would be the one. However, if you need a friend to share your deepest secrets with, then Cloud Walker will always be there for you.
If all songs in ‘Duality’ turned into movies, which one would be a blockbuster?
That could be either Millenium, Promesse, Molotov Parade, Selfear,… most of them actually (I know this may sound cheesy, but it’s actually true).
An archeologist in the year 3031 discovers a working hard copy of ‘Duality’. After being able to play it, which song do you think would impress the future archeologist most?
$olace has a nice drive and depth to it, and it’s also a bit of a brain twister regarding time signatures, so that would likely do the trick!
Thank you for playing, Elodie!
My pleasure!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Fortunately, I haven’t really experienced any of that so far. Of course, I sometimes get reactions on my pictures from some single-neuron guys who think they know how to speak to women, but fortunately, this is quite rare as the metal community is mostly very respectful. 
What I get the most is people telling me “You’re a girl, and you’re in a rock/metal band ?” and then “So you sing then ? “ and they look at me weird when I say I play bass, but that’s ok. Anyways, I know that should I have any trouble in the future, my own 3 bodyguards are there haha!
Regarding advice, I think the most important thing is just to do what you want and not care about the rest too much. Yes I’m a girl, I have a metal band, I dress in black and I play bass, so what? Do what you want and just be what you want to be. Yes, you’ll definitely be criticized, but it’s better than being full of frustration. 
All artists were influenced in a way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you personally stay strong during times when you can’t go out, or can’t perform live or even can’t see people you love?
We stay as close and united as we can, using skype or discord for example. We speak and bounce off ideas regarding new material, new videos, potential gigs, etc. We take this whole covid thing as an opportunity to do and organize things that maybe we wouldn’t have had time to do otherwise. People need to stay positive and cross all possible fingers for gigs to be allowed again as soon as possible. In any case, we will be ready!
Thank you for the interview Elodie! It has been a pleasure!
Thanks a lot for having me/us and thanks a lot to all the readers! We hope to see you soon on stage!

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