A few months ago, I got the chance to interview Rachel Leigh from the British band, Aurora-Project. At the time they were about to release their second single, ‘Spots To Stripes’. Recently the Rock band released their third single ‘Pack of Lies’, and again, gave us a taste of their young sound, which has so many characteristics that show great potential for the new band.

Aurora-Project shows this potential because we can sense the originality of their music through the singles they released already. Although the three are very different, we can feel the band’s identity through them.

In ‘Spots To Stripes’ we can hear a clear melody that is a bit louder and than the rest of the music, while in ‘Pack of Lies’, the riffs are a bit rougher, still creating a sense of melody. In both songs, we can hear Rachel’s vocals giving a clear statement of how good of a singer she is. She has a passionate voice, and she is able to reflect the tension of the lyrics in it in a wonderful way.

In the most recent single, ‘Pack of Lies’, we feel some great momentum building as the song grows; the song that began with a simple riff keeps gaining more layers with every iteration until finally, midway through the third minute, we reach a great exciting part of the song, with Rachel’s voice going on a higher pitch until the song is concluded simply, in a satisfying manner.

And then they come up with that gorgeous music video that is so simple, yet so entertaining and wonderful to watch because the band’s body language as they perform shows how much they love what they are doing and how much their music means to them.

All of the above is why I can’t wait for the next release by that band.

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.