Get the chance to take the first look on the aliases FemMetal Awards will take this year. As we previously announced, the theme will be real-history women who changed the world.

Without further ado, you will read below an introduction about every character chosen for the awards, and then we will reveal the award that will carry this heroine’s name.

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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, given the nickname the Maid of Orléans, was a French heroine and symbol, best known for leading the French army to an astounding victory over the English at one of the stages of Hundred Years’ War. Although her enemies were able to capture and execute her later, this couldn’t change the fact that her heroism repelled the English attempt to conquer France and rekindled the French’s hope and will to fight!

Joan of Arc claimed to be working under divine guidance. Whether that was true or it was a smart trick from her side to convince a patriarchal community to follow her lead into battle, who is better than a warrior-saint to have the award for best operatic vocals named after?!

Joan of Arc Award – Best Symphonic Vocals


Hypatia was a Hellenistic philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. She lived in Alexandria, Egypt during the fourth and fifth century. Her writings in Mathematics were lost. However, her Neoplatonic philosophy played a huge role in the development of a movement that was later symbolized in the Age of Enlightenment.

Hypatia lived in an age of religious conflict in the Eastern Roman Empire between Jews and Christians and Pagans. Although her philosophy was close to paganism, her great knowledge and wisdom attracted Christian students as well as Pagans. She was murdered by a Christian mob, which shook the empire and earned her the title ‘martyr of philosophy’. Who is better than a philosopher who embraced many talents and a diversity of thoughts to have the best band award named after?!

Hypatia Award – Best Band


Hatshepsut was the first woman in the recorded history to assume the title of a pharaoh in its full authority. When all eligible heirs to the throne of Egypt died, leaving the kingdom in the hands of an infant Thutmose III, Hatshepsut acted as the regent for her stepson. Later, she stepped up to become a more dominant co-ruler, convincing Egypt’s elite of handing her the title of a pharaoh in a way unknown to historians.

Historians do know, however, that her reign over Egypt was one of great success. She had a peaceful trade-based foreign policy, although she did lead a successful military campaign as well. Hatshepsut was a wise and peaceful ruler, strong enough to become a pharaoh and make her voice heard against all odds! And thus, the best clean vocals award will be named after her.

Hatshepsut Award – Best Band


Zenobia was the queen of Palmyra, an Eastern Roman colony located in present-day Syria. After the assassination of her husband, Rome’s assigned ruler of Palmyra, and his son, Zenobia assumed the throne as Queen, titling herself as governor of all East.

The brave queen defied the mighty Roman Empire, seizing vast lands, such as Egypt and Asia Minor and declared her independence from Rome. Emperor Aurelian marched towards the east and defeated Zenobia in Antioch. The queen did not give up. Few years later she started another revolution against the Roman Empire, only to be recaptured and her city destroyed. Zenobia refused to be a subject to the Roman rule and loved freedom to the point of starving herself to death on the way to Rome. We honor Zenobia’s free and rebellious spirit by the best aggressive vocals award.

Zenobia Award – Best Aggressive Vocals

Artemisia I

Artemisia I was the queen of Halicanassus, a Greek city in the ancient region of Caria, as well as few nearby islands. Artemisia was one of the most trusted generals in Persian king Xerxes’ army during the Persian Second Invasion of Greece.

During a naval battle, while surrounded by Greek ships, she ordered the Persian flags to be dropped from hers, and charged against another Persian ship on which another king she had disagreements with was. The Greeks turned around thinking her ship is fighting for them, while Xerxes watching from afar praised her thinking she sank a Greek ship. Xerxes favoured her over his other generals, famously telling one of his men: “My men have become women; and my women, men.

Artemisia was a good queen, a wise advisor, a mighty warrior, and someone capable of winning battles by wits as well as strength. She was able to impress her enemies as well as her allies. Therefore we honor her with Best Image and Performance Award’s name.

Artemisia Award – Best Image and Performance


Theodora was the empress of Byzantium by marriage to emperor Justinian I. She is considered as the most powerful woman in the history of the empire. Her political influence can be witnessed by the presence of her name of most legislation of her era, and by the fact that she was the one to meet ambassadors, a job usually the emperor does.

Her husband, the emperor, trusted her advice over anyone else’s. Her laws and legislation came in favour of women’s rights. She passed strict laws to prohibit trafficking of young girls and improved divorce laws to be more just to women.

Theodora was in the shadow of her husband the emperor, but from her position she was the actual ruler of the empire leaving a great cultural and legislative legacy behind. Who is better to have the Best Instrument Player award named after?!

Theodora Award – Best Instrument Player


Boudicca was a Queen of Ancient Britain, who led a revolution against the Roman rule. After her husband, king of Iceni, died, his attempts to please Emperor Nero by leaving him part of his fortune did not work, as the emperor seized his territories and its people’s riches and humiliated his family. Boudicca then raised a rebellion against the Romans. Her army was able to burn several Roman posts around Britain and massacred around 70 thousand soldiers from the Romans and the allies, demolishing a whole Roman legion.

Her initial success drove Nero to consider withdrawing from Britain. But the Roman governor was able to regain the province in a very hard battle. Boudicca is said to have died after the battle due to poison or sickness.

Despite her failure in revolution, Boudicca’s courage and power made her a hero in the British folklore. Her ambitious work set track over track for the future. Therefore, her name goes on the Best Album Award.

Boudicca Award – Best Album for 2020


Sacagawea is a Shoshone Native American woman who helped in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. She is praised for her intelligence and strength, as she traveled thousands of miles in the wilderness carrying her child along.

Initially, her husband was hired to guide Lewis and Clark in their expedition. However, her knowledge of the language of the tribes around there and their customs made her a valuable asset to the company. And indeed she was the one to give the company advice on where to go to pass certain seasons, and their ticket to walk into villages peacefully. When her clumsy husband overturned their boat into water, she saved the documents and important things.

Sacagawea’s value to the expedition can be seen by the great relationship she later had with Clark. He named a river after her and a rock monument after her son. After Sacagawea’s death, Clarke became the legal guardian of her son and newly born daughter.

Sacagawea showed Lewis and Clark the ways through their expedition. And so we honor her by naming the Best Music Video Award after her.

Sacagawea Award – Best Music Video for 2020

Cleopatra VII Philopator

Some imagine Cleopatra as the woman of great beauty who used her appearance to seduce great men into doing what she wants. Well, THAT is just wrong.

Stories of Cleopatra’s sex appear used as a political weapon were just Roman propagandas. In fact, it is not her physical appearance that made her so unique and successful. It was her intellect. Cleopatra was a very smart woman who enjoyed the company of scientists and philosophers, which made her well-educated in almost every science that existed at the time. She spoke more than 12 languages and how to make a good news of these language. Ancient Greek writer Plutarch says it was Cleopatra’s smooth voice and skills in communication that gave her the “irresistible charm”. She definitely used that talent in diplomacy.

Just like Cleopatra’s charm was due to her education and skills, many artists today display their musical education by covering other songs in their unique own way. And that is why we picked her to be the title for this new award.

Cleopatra Award – Best Cover Artist

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