Ladies and Gentlemen! Can I introduce You to My Religion?

First Stage

One of your most favourite bands announce a whole tour and they finally have a station in your country. Your pulse is increased because of the excitement when you read the information about the event.

Second Stage

Planning. Should I get the first row, bring my anxiety to the moshpit or relax in the back and see nothing? Your height can help you make the best decision.

Third Stage

The night before. If you are not a huge fan, you might feel some stress about waking up the next morning early and going to work. If you are a fangirl, then you’d be checking the social media of the rockstars and try to catch them in the city for a photo. Good luck!

Fourth Stage

Getting ready. Find a babysitter for your children (if you don’t have you may skip this step), do your war paint ummm… I mean your make-up with some dark lipstick. Hardcore version: don’t drink all day because then you won’t be able to get the first row.

Fifth Stage

Departure. Smiling on the tram or driving during listening to the music of the awaited band.

Sixth Stage

Waiiiiiiting. Did you know that, at some concerts the most extreme fans are camping days before the show? Fortunately, we love underground bands. But, it is still one of the most exciting phases.

Seventh Stage

The supporting bands.

First scenario: They look like a band you would never listen to again. However, you become their number one fan. Some cases prove that you might like them better than the group you came to see in the first place.

Second scenario: You are interested in the supporting band. During the previous months, you have imagined how much you will jump and sing, but in reality, the atmosphere is still not the most sparkling. Don’t worry, it takes only a few songs to get the crowd moving along.

Eighth Stage

The headliner band. Pyrotechnics and confetti time. The moment you have been waiting for more than a year has arrived. Get those drumsticks, picks and setlists, because this is the opportunity.

Ninth Stage

Going home, hopefully, without being drunk. A car is necessary, or you might run into people who look like criminals in the dark streets.

Tenth Stage

Sharing the memories. You will never look back at those terrible quality pictures you have taken, I suppose.

Enjoy your evening!

Niki 'Mustakissa'

My life philosophy is that Dutch Metal is so underrated. I’m an introvert, but you can spam my inbox with memes anytime you want. I study environmental engineering, but I am a chemical technician too.