Thaís Lyrica is a fascinating musician from Brazil. She has been working on her solo project Trapézia and has released her new EP, ‘ECILA’. We had the pleasure to interview Thaís and ask her about her new EP, project, as well as many other things. Here’s our wonderful interview with the lady of wonders, Thaís Lyrica!

Hello Thais! It’s great talking to you. How are you doing?
I’m fine even though I’m a little sad, with this heavy pandemic energy that we’re all feeling the impact, but I’m grateful that I have enough energy to spread my art and that I feel welcomed by people like you!!
Hopefully, this nightmare will end soon. You have recently released the EP, ‘ECILA’. How are you feeling after your fans and friends got to listen to their work and you got to hear their feedback?
It’s all very new for me! My own family (uncles and cousins) didn’t know that I had this big dream since childhood of singing to the world! The feeling remains one of anxiety even after the release lol but despite the mix of emotions, it’s good anxiety I would say. It is my first work and I will always be proud of it, “ECILA” is the realization of a childhood dream and I want to continue telling stories through my music. As for the feedback, it has been positive, I consider that for my first job, I was very lucky to have such dear and professional people by my side, who supported me and believed in my dreams!
You have personally worked hard on the visuals and looks in your music video for ‘Game’. How much, in your opinion, are visuals important in modern day’s music?
I believe that the look imprints our personality and even sensations. In my opinion, art is not complete if we don’t also express ourselves through the visual. A look can generate positive and negative impacts on people, what you want to be through clothes should only matter to you, you know? And I find it really fun to express myself through the clothes, with the character “ECILA” who is a fairy, I had several influences both aesthetic and personality and feelings that I wanted to imprint on the songs. “ECILA” has a lot of my way and style but for example, I would never wear light clothes (my grandmother was shocked when she saw my look from “Games”). The most fun thing about having worked on the costumes was precisely being able to visit lands that I would never step on in my daily life. And yes, I think it’s important how you dress, look presentable and tell yourself what kind of people you are through your clothes, whether it’s in a concert, video clips or a musician’s casual clothes, it’s essential to have a style!
Since you love fantasy and fiction, you will enjoy the next questions. To get to know you from a different angle, I’m going to ask a few questions, except that these questions will be set in an alternate universe with some major changes to what we’re used to. Ready?
I’m always prepared! I’m already curious and looking forward to these creative questions, I love this!
Awesome! In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what do you imagine Trapezia’s music would taste like?
They would definitely be sweet, colourful and a lot of fun. Highly addictive!! Definitely, a giant gum with a lot of sugar and that burst in the mouth can define my songs well, it could also be colourful chocolate with fruit fillings inside and you can eat a box if you let it (so I can, right?)
In a universe where you’re fighting the Dark Lord with an army of magic goblins that are only vulnerable when exposed to music inspired from a personal experience, would any song from ‘ECILA’ help defeat the zombies?
Definitely “Doors” would help to defeat them because it is agile, contagious and fast. It would be a great motivation to run and hunt them all!
In a universe where people pay for things they buy by telling funny jokes rather than money, how rich would you be considered?
I would be bankrupt, I’m one to laugh at anything, some say I’m fun, but when it comes to jokes I can’t tell any right, I’m like Dory (15-second memory), maybe I could make people laugh because of my clumsy way of being but, I consider myself a competitive person so I believe that I would find a way to make people laugh for me to survive.
In a universe where you can have one superpower of your choosing, which superpower would you like to have?
I would choose to heal people’s minds or at least help them find themselves if they accept. When I wrote “Mirror” I was thinking precisely about how our mind plays with us, and accepting is a daily process. Who has never woken up, looked in the mirror and found himself strange and didn’t recognize himself? Human beings have a lot to evolve, have empathy, respect themselves and respect others, I believe that part of the problem lies in people who have a sick mind, who hurt with words and, to feel better, they need to diminish and humiliate other people, I’m not saying that these people are doing the right thing, but in many cases, they do it just because they “hate themselves” or “don’t accept themselves”, I definitely feel sorry for people who do. Respect and Empathy are things that no power in the world could teach but healing minds and saving lives is something I would choose as my superpower!
Thank you for playing, Thais, hope you enjoyed it! Is the new EP an appetizer for any bigger release you’re working on with Trapezia that you’d like to tell us about?
I found the questions very creative and, I can sometimes be the type of person who travels to a parallel universe, it’s not at all that the name “ECILA” is nothing more than Alice in reverse, I have a lot of Alice in me at Most of the time I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, but I try to face every obstacle in life with a lot of courage and determination. “ECILA” is just the beginning, it’s all very new for me and I’m still learning and I have many expectations for the future, I have many dreams to be fulfilled, I have many experiences to live and I certainly have future plans to continue working in the songs and to expand this Universe that I created through my songs. Future plans at the moment will depend a lot on the outcome of this appetizer, wish me luck!! While I have no forecast of when I will be able to continue this first part of the history of “ECILA”, get ready because by the end of the year the release of the video clip for Mirror and Doors will happen.
That’s brilliant. Good luck! We’re in 2021 and unfortunately, despite all the progress we’ve made, we still hear about people dealing with sexism, racism, or other forms of discrimination around the world. Have you ever dealt with any kind of discrimination?
Yes, when I went to answer another question about time travel, I found myself thinking about how many things have changed regarding customs, technology and clothing, however, human beings still make many mistakes and it’s sad to think about how inequality still exists so much for issues culturally as for political reasons, I have something in me that cannot stand injustice and that it hurts me that I have never been through any situation of serious prejudice. And it’s impossible not to remember how respect is a part of us that is very important, I think that if you don’t agree with something, just don’t consume, don’t adhere, but respect is an obligation to deal with differences. As a woman, I have found myself at times teaching another woman not to be so harsh and disrespectful in her speech, when quoting another woman. I’ve faced situations where I had to wear my armour to face certain men. The real truth is that we are full of flaws and we still have a lot to learn.
What advice would you give to your younger fans who might be dealing with it?
I can say what I learned from my mother “Forgive me, they don’t know what they do! “Words can be harsh and hurt, but it is not with a war that another war is resolved. I always try to see the positive side of a negative situation, the most we can do is just absorb what belongs to us and try to take some lessons from situations like this.
Thank you for the interview, Thais! It was an absolute pleasure.
I appreciate the opportunity and I’m really happy for your support! I loved all the questions, the pleasure is all mine!

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