The day is 24 hours long. An average human spends about 8 hours of these sleeping, leaving them with 16 hours to work. The normal work shift is 8 hours and let’s suppose one needs an hour to go back and forth from and to work, that makes it 10 hours of work. So we’re left with 6 hours to live our life. Six hours would be 360 minutes! That is 72 five-minute durations. And I’d recommend using at least one of these five-minute durations to check out this wonderful new single and music video from KÄLAD.

KÄLAD is a Symphonic Metal band from Mexico. They are fronted by the talented Julieta Ruiseco, a voice so electrifying it alone makes any song it’s on great. The Mexican band recently released “Inner Tide”, a single with a music video.

The song has all my favourite elements of Symphonic Metal. The riffs from hell, the orchestrations from heaven, the contrast between an angelic voice and growling vocals, and the “dramatic” chorus. It is such a beautiful song that catches the attention from the very beginning to the end. Beautiful songwriting presented with great production.

The music video is also a great one! Check it out now.

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Mirk Wood

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