Back with their sophomore EP, Anthems of the Night, Cobra Spell, founded by the up-and-coming guitarist Sonia Anubis (CRYPTA, Ex-BURNING WITCHES) and Sebastian Silva (UNTO OTHERS), bring back the iconic sound of the 80s glam scene. Tasty guitar licks and big chorus’ paired with the powerful vocals of singer Alexx Panza (HITTEN); Cobra Spell do not disappoint. Completing the lineup of this powerful group are Esmée Van Sinderen on Rhythm guitar, Angelina Vehera on Bass and Léonard Cakolli on Drums.

Kicking off the album is the band’s first single, Addicted to The Night. A heavy guitar riff chugs it’s way through the opening verse of the song, leading into the anthemic chorus. Heavy in a mid-80s sound, Addicted to The Night gives off a Dokken meets Keel vibe with a modern twist. An up-tempo drumbeat, and groovy basslines drive the song home, giving it that extra punch every hard rock song needs. It’s a great introduction to the EP and holds up well on its own as a single. 

Following up in the number two slot in the track list, is hard rocker The Midnight Hour. Sonia Anubis and Esmée Van Sinderen’s complementary guitar chops being very present during this track, their skills being strongly showcased. The solo radiating the melodic tones of 1987 Whitesnake, Anubis shreds her way flawlessly through it with Van Sinderen’s rhythm playing backing it up perfectly. This female guitar duo being one to keep your eye on.

Steal My Heart Away is up next and will transport you back to the late 80s/early 90s hard rock scene. Hard Rock with a Pop edge, Steal My Heart Away has strong elements of bands such as Danger Danger, Winger, Hardline, etc. With the infectious guitar tones and a catchy chorus, this song could easily be mistaken for a 1989 hit and will have you singing along by the second listen. Strong song writing and impeccable playing from the musicians, this track is a must add to your favorite rock playlist. 

Closing Anthems of the Night is the heaviest track on the EP, Accelerate. Chunky guitars, loud vocals, and prominent bass grooves, it ends the EP on a very high note. Cobra Spell deliver a strong take on the early 80s British heavy metal sound with Accelerate, however, adding their own modern twist to keep things interesting and new. Alexx Panza’s souring vocals have a Bruce Dickinson tone to them, utilizing his high register, making the song even more powerful. 

The groups influences may be strongly present in their sound; however, Cobra Spell have created something unique and exciting. Each track holding different elements of the 80s rock sound, they’ve created a versatile 4-track EP brilliantly. Anthems of the Night is strong from start to finish and has something for every rock fan to love.

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