Two years post their debut, Victoria K have announced the release date, name, and cover art of their second full-length album. “Kore” will be released on the 14th of October 2022 through Rockshots Records.

“Kore” cover art

The Australian band will release “Kore”, an album conceptualizing the story of Persephone from Greek mythology. Singer and songwriter, Victoria Knight, explored the myth from a modern perspective with her lyrics and music. The first single from the upcoming album will be released on July 8th, having the name “Persephone”. You can pre-save Persephone at this link.

Victoria K’s debut album “Essentia” was released back in 2020. The album put on full display the great talent the singer and songwriter Victoria Knight possesses, as it won Best Album at FemMetal Awards 2020, having the band nominated for the Best Band award, and Victoria Knight for Best Operatic Vocals as well that year. The music video for “Matrix” taken from “Essentia” also received a nomination for Best Music Video.

One can only be excited to listen how Victoria K will traverse through the Greek mythology concept in her new album after her debut showed her ability to create melodies with intense epic cinematic elements. Stay tuned.

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