In this particular historical time, the title of this album resounds even more. Here is FemMetal’s review of Solitude Within‘s second release, “When Kingdoms Fall”.

FemMetal Rating

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.


Kingdoms may fall, but the epicness of this album is very hard to beat. Solitude Within create amazing atmospheres in their songs!

The album is very coherent and homogeneous, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are some brilliant songs close to perfection, like the title track, “I’m Not Lost”, “Land of Disarray” and “Astray”, and some other songs that are unfortunately a bit too easy to forget. Emmelie’s vocals are stunningly fantastic, and yet I feel that she has an enormous potential that this album doesn’t properly do her justice. 

Her voice can transition from being delicate and sweet to a more powerful and dramatic tone, and this is a huge advantage for the atmosphere that the band creates in the song. Emmelie nails the mood perfectly, and the listener will be moved by her incredible talent.

The vocal lines are sometimes very similar, as well as the piano melodies, but there are some wonderful gems hidden in the 11 tracks of this release. The harsh vocals in the last tracks are an exquisite surprise, and they give the album a very gothic vibe. The lyrics are very interesting, and they can be applied not only to a kingdom ruled by a man but also to the kingdom of our own life. This detail makes the album very realistic, and we can deeply relate to it, especially in this historical period. 

You can listen to Solitude Within’s album on Spotify: tell us which is your favorite track off of it!

Benedetta Baldin

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