Exilia, the renowned Italian alternative metal band, recently electrified the stage in a momentous celebration marking the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album ‘Unleashed.’ Amidst a charged atmosphere pulsating with nostalgia and anticipation, fans gathered to witness a night of raw energy and timeless hits. In this report, we delve into the electrifying concert experience, as Exilia rekindled the flames of their iconic album, unleashing a torrent of emotions and memories that reverberated throughout the venue. Check out the gallery of the event! The photos are by Silvio Colombo and we thank WFR for their kindness in hosting us!



Benedetta Baldin

Hi! My name is Benedetta, I’m 29 and I live in Northern Italy. My passion has always been music: I started taking guitar lessons when I was 6. Now I work as a sales representative, but in my free time I interview talented people, I spread the word about my favorite band (MoonSun), and I go to concerts or travel around Europe. I am a huge collector of anything Tolkien-related, autographs, merchandise, and CDs. I am quite an original person and don’t mind being the voice outside of the choir (even though I play in the church’s choir!).