Onion Mash, a new band from Manchester, released their debut single “Killdozer” last month. The song centers around Marvin Heemeyer, an American car repair shop owner known as “Killdozer” after modifying a bulldozer and going on a rampage in 2004. Heemeyer, driven by grievances against his neighbours, demolished several buildings before taking his own life. Onion Mash aims to convey Killdozer’s emotions through their music and lyrics.

The track opens with a well-known recording of Heemeyer, paired with a slow beat and melody. As the recording ends, the tempo quickens, the music intensifies, and Rachel Leigh’s vocals seamlessly adapt to the song’s dynamic shifts. With a strong Punk Rock influence, “Killdozer” features a catchy melody and heavy sound, interspersed with softer moments that add a cinematic or theatrical flair. This contrast enhances the song’s artistic depth, making it both powerful and poignant. The vocals, infused with classic Punk energy, resonate with the song’s emotional and thematic core.

Conceptually, Onion Mash goes beyond merely telling Heemeyer’s story. The lyrics delve into the emotions and perspectives found in online accounts of the incident, allowing the band to explore and interpret Killdozer’s psyche.

“Killdozer” is a compelling track worth a listen. Rachel Leigh’s incredible vocals are one of the song’s standout features. Check out the song via the links below, and if you enjoy it, be sure to follow Onion Mash for more.

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