Swedish hard rock band “The Mind Palace” released their debut double-track single, “The Mind Palace, Vol. I,” on May 31st. The single features two tracks: “Before the End” and “Transcending A Lifetime.” Fronted by vocalist Jenny Fagerstrand Fjordevik, the band showcases their classic hard rock influences throughout both songs.

“Before The End” begins with a soft, nostalgic blue guitar tune and vocals reminiscent of the golden age of rock. As the tune intensifies, it leads into a deliciously heavy chorus. This dynamic pattern repeats in the second verse. A beautiful guitar melody then introduces a calm bridge, seamlessly leading back into the powerful chorus. The final chorus is sensational, with the singer showcasing her impressive vocal range, followed by a captivating guitar solo that brings the song to a triumphant close.

In contrast to its predecessor, “Transcending A Lifetime” kicks off with heavy guitar riffs, quickly transitioning into a calmer section that builds up to a soaring vocal climax. The energetic and heavy chorus that follows is invigorating. The structure repeats, leading to a gorgeous guitar solo that adds a touch of flair to the song.

The Mind Palace delivered a debut single so polished that an unsuspecting listener might mistake it for the work of a seasoned band. The Swedish band has left me eager to hear what they will release next.

Reuel Way

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