Mirk: What is your favourite newcomer band?

Anastasia: Cry Excess, Frozen Crown, Nebulae, Deceit Machine, Killin’ Baudelaire

Candice: This one is tough, I looked all through my iTunes and Spotify and had issues finding bands that were post-2014 so I am now inspired to find some because that’s nuts that there weren’t any. I asked Riley if he had played me any that were post-2014 in the car or something and he said Numenorean so I’m going to give them more of a listen this weekend.

Francis: DARKHER.

Panni: Exit Eden and Alia Tempora.

Shannon: All female thrash metal band Burning Witches

Vale: There are so many bands around the world. In Italy there are some that I like Cirque de Reves, Alteria, they are a one-woman band, Sick ‘n’ Beautiful etc…) Greta van Fleet, Beast in Black, Hyborian.

Vera: Follow The Cipher…

“Reality Suite is extremely talented.. Kimmii has an amazing voice. And all of them are so very talented and sweet. Very inspiring.”
– Darla Hartigan, USA