Mirk: How did you first start listening to the band you support?

Anastasia: The first time I listened to Jinjer was on YouTube… I fell into the video of “Sit Stay Roll Over”, it was love at first listen! I was very impressed by the sound of the band and the growls Tatiana do.

Candice: I started dating Riley Nix in summer 2014—he’s one the guitarists in VINTERSEA. I had never really listened to much metal before meeting Riley… they had their first gig at a venue. Riley invited me and I was so nervous because I wasn’t familiar with the genre and had no idea what to expect or what I should wear… I was trying to decide how to fake loving the show in case they were awful because the only thing I knew about them was that they were “progressive death metal.” When VINTERSEA got on stage and started playing, it was like our minds exploded. They were so good. It was so amazing and Avienne was mesmerizing. I haven’t missed a single VINTERSEA show since… No matter how much I watch them perform, it never gets old… It has been seriously life-changing.

Francis: The first time I met Floor was with After Forever between the years 2006-2007. I was a teen and I was transitioning to the world of metal music… I remember having downloaded a live concert… From that moment I have never stopped listening to them and I have always followed Floor’s career. I love her presence on stage… With Anneke I met her around 2010-2011 … with The Gathering listening to the first album “Mandylion” I love it… Anneke with her beautiful voice at the same time so happy and sweet in the world of metal, and that until today has not changed.

Karolina: I discovered Arch Enemy by accident. I saw a little piece of “My Apocalypse” music video in another video on YouTube. It interested me, so I decided to learn more about them. Firstly I was shocked that a woman can sing like that, but then I liked that. I listened to them before I got into metal music at all!

Panni: Two years ago, my dad showed me Amaranthe. I’ve never been a metalhead but then i realized this is the music that’s really my style. I started to love this band a lot, and being a huge fan of Elize Ryd.

Shannon: Well the main bands I support are Femme Fatale and Vixen. I started listening to Vixen when I found out I was going to be going on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise in 2018. And Femme Fatale I started listening to when I found out they were going to be on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2019.

Vale: The first time I heard Evanescence was with their song ”Bring Me To Life”, in far 2003, and was on MTV music Channel. I watched… Amy Lee singing while walking on the ledge of a building, with that voice, so strong and so fragile at the same time, and.. Wow! I said: “SHE’S GREAT! I WANT TO HEAR IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!”

Vera: The first time I heard Amaranthe was from a Spotify playlist.. The song I heard was called “The Nexus”, and is still one of my absolute favorites… so I checked out Amaranthe’s other songs and became really obsessed with the band… I introduced the band to my two besties and soon Amaranthe had a little fan club in Stockholm through us!

Betty: Well few years ago, an annoying friend of mine who I won’t name, (you), told me to try them out. I did and I loved them. Thank you by the way.

“I met them on Facebook one year ago. On that same day, I was looking for new bands to hear, and fortunately, I discovered “The True War” and I loved that song! I think this is my favourite music from their first album “Catharsis” and the second one is “Darkness and Light”. I love the music “Something is Rotten” from the second album “Immersion”. They have a lot of strength in their music. It is very inspirational, makes me feel very good like my soul was washed away and all the problems are gone. Last year (2018), I met them by personal on November, 25th at a concert in São Paulo and I really loved it! They’re amazing as a band and as a people too. They are Lyria! A Brazilian symphonic alternative metal band, they’re the best band that I’ve ever met. So, I’m so grateful for their existence!” – Mariana, Brazil