Anastasia in a Jinjer t-shirt

Mirk: Why did you decide to make a fan page dedicated for that band(s)?

Anastasia: …because I wanted to share with other fans my passion. I really think music is a force that unites people. And so it was. I met many people.

Francis: …I wanted to share photos and videos that I like about them, remember the past and enjoy it together with the present and future. Also I have always felt that they have not been given so much importance in social media…

Karolina: I saw a lot of fan-pages on Instagram but I didn’t find any from Poland. I was thinking a lot before I started my own fan page. I didn’t know how to run one, but I learned quickly…

Panni: …I felt that my love for this band will never fade away, so why not support them like that? It’s an Elize fan-page but i share love for all of them through that account.

Shannon: When I start listening to a band I kind of become obsessed and then I like to know every detail about them. That’s part of why I became a journalist in the first place. I listen to most artists who have a few hits but were never super huge, so I like to use my platform to help promote them by doing photography and posting about what the artists are up to music-wise.

Vale: Because they play music and songs so close to me, I felt understood. A kind of music that represented the real part of me. So I became a fan of them and I thought that it was right to share my love for Evanescence with other fans around the world.

Vera: I created my first Amaranthe fan-page some time last autumn because my life’s biggest dream was to have contact with someone or even everyone in Amaranthe. They mean so much to me! I also wanted to show how grateful I am because they help me through tough times and are the only ones that could turn my tears into a smile… it sometimes feels like they have saved me… I remember the first time someone in Amaranthe noticed me… I TOTALLY flipped out!

Karolina in an Arch Enemy t-shirt