There is always a higher probability your band will be awesome when it’s from New Jersey.

Albert Einstein

First, the above quote is fake.

Second, four weeks ago, the amazing Jersey band, Reality Suite, released a new single with a music video entitled ‘Kiss the Ring’. By the time this post was being made, the song had already 5.2k views on YouTube!

The band gave evidence that verified Einstein’s fake quote. ‘Kiss the Ring’ is a wonderfully upbeat song that ticks all boxes in what FemMetal would love to hear!

✅ Awesome beats, check
✅ Breathtaking riffs, check
✅ Powerful feminist message, check
✅ A diva soaring high with a catchy chorus, check

Kimmii Heart deserves a championship belt (yes, I just made a boxing reference) for her wonderful performance on ‘Kiss the Ring’. It’s a song to play over and over again, and wish there will be more of it from Reality Suite sometime soon.

OH WAIT! There WILL be more of it from Reality Suite sometime soon! The band is releasing an album on June 28! And, you can pre-save it on Spotify from now.

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.