For the second year, we’ve gathered fans from around the world to talk about their love for bands they show support to.

This year’s interview, however, has many differences than last year’s. The first difference is that I’m one year older than last year (a fact you might not care a lot about). Second, last year, most interviewees were admins of fan groups on social media. This year we’ve got a professional photographer, a musician-fan combo, and MEME PAGES ADMINS.

Third, this year we’ve spiced things up. We have an female interviewee of an all-male band, and a male interviewee of a female-fronted band. The all-male band is very well-known for their feminist ideology that has been clear through many song-themes and statements they’ve made, attracting a huge fan-base of young and old women.

Fourth, I’ve decided this year not to babble a lot and jump right into the subject… Too late for that?

Well, let’s get to know our 10 interviewees for this year’s INTERVIEW WITH THE FANS!

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Visions of Atlantis
Alia TemporaDelainMy Chemical Romance
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If you’re a fan of one of these bands or any other band, you are welcome to see how the fans answered the questions we asked them. We hope you enjoy this article full of emotional statements and fun band-games.

Interview with the Fans

Hello ladies! Would you please tell us a bit about yourselves?
Hi, I’m Andrea! I’m 26 years old from the United States. I run a music venue in Indianapolis called Hoosier Dome, and I am in a band myself called brightly wild.
Hi! My name is Berni, a 17 years old girl and I’m a high school student in Hungary. I’m a big fan of Exit Eden and Visions of Atlantis
Hi! My name is Kate, I am 15 years old. I am from Russia, from Dzerzhinsk. So, here I am, representing DELAIN fans 😊
Sure! My name is Kayla. I’m a 28 year old from the United States, Midwest region to be more specific. I’m a web application developer, so my profession doesn’t actually have anything to do with the music industry, but it’s still a passion of mine. I am here today representing a fan group for My Chemical Romance called the Lurkers of the MCRmy.
Hi there! My name is Luna, I am 38 years old and I live in Florence, Italy. I am a professional photographer and I am here representing Within Temptation and Kobra and the Lotus.
I’m Marga Dovgal, 20 years old. I’m from Spain and I’m currently studying the field of English Philology. In this interview I will tell you about one of the bands that influenced me the most as a person, the legendary Nightwish.
Hello! My name is Maria, I am 15 years old and I come from North Macedonia. I am a student at a local high school. (Evanescence fan)
Hey, my name is Nadine, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Germany, actually I’d work in the film industry now but Corona sucks so I’m unemployed and I’m here to represent Epica. 😊
My name is Ryanna Boeshart, I’m 19 years old, from Iowa. I am going to college for Criminal Justice and Music on the side. (Halestorm fan)
Hello John! You are a special guest in this interview since you’re the only man here. Would you please tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is John Latsch , Im 67 years old living in the USA. I’m a warranty administrator for an auto dealership representing Alia Tempora
Andrea, you’re also a special guest in this interview because we’re not having you as a fan of a specific band like the others, but in fact as a fan and part of the scene. Besides your indie project ‘Brightly Wild’ you run a music venue called Hoosier Dome. Can you tell us a bit about your venue?
Sure! Hoosier Dome has been around for almost a decade in Indianapolis. We are one of the few all ages venues. We have always been dedicated to creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy their favorite bands.
Andrea in action!
What do you do to show support and appreciation to your favourite band(s)?
I have a meme page on Instagram about Exit Eden, where I also post memes about many other bands. I started it to show my love towards my favourite bands, make people laugh, and also to be part of the community, get to know other fans.
I travelled to Europe to meet Markie and the band members and see the band play.I was the main sponsor of the band’s Digital Cube album. I initiated the band Fan group and Marketa’s fan group and of course I post in these groups.
I have a two fanpages. One of them is dedicated to Charlotte Wessels (Delain’s vocalist) @ourlovecharlottewessels, and another is dedicated to all female metal singers @sirinsofmetal.
I’m an admin of an MCR fan page that used to be very active back in the Danger Days era. Sadly the breakup left our group a bit empty, but with the Return there’s been a tiny resurgence of activity. I have more recently been trying to coordinate some fun meetups for the fans in our group across the world. In the past, we would have a lot of discussions on theories surrounding the Danger Days universe and lore. I also once organized a scrap book to give to Gerard Way from the Lurker group where I collected pages from members across the globe, put them together in a book, and gave it to him at one of his solo shows. It contained an overview of our group and a lot of heart-felt letters. Whether or not he read them all will remain a mystery, but I like to believe he did.
When I love an artist I go to their concerts, buy their music and share it as possible as I can especially on my personal Instagram stories and, when I have the opportunity, I take photos at their live shows and share the best picture of them.
I’ve been a big Nightwish fan for some years and after attending a couple of concerts and listening to them almost daily, I found out that I needed to express my support in a more realistic way, I wanted to join the “wishers” community in order to support this band, which has gone through severe line-up and musical changes. I wanted to show equal support towards former and present-day members of the band. That’s when the Instagram account @nightwish.of.the.opera was born.
Apart from the campaign I did back last December, I make sure to constantly stream their music, buy their merch and follow them on social media. I also had a fan account that was mostly dedicated to them.
Well I think the biggest support is that I buy all Epica merch and albums haha. And I own the biggest Simone Simons (and Epica) fan-page on Instagram which is a very big blessing. I just love it to share my love for this band with their fans. That’s also the reason why I started this fan-page. I wanted to express my appreciation for this amazing band.
Part of Nadine’s Epica collection, with the set-list from Simone appearing on the left
I have gotten to where I wanna be as music or school wise. It takes a lot of time and progress. I believe everything that happens in the future good or bad will show what will happen. By showing good support of all the other bands following what they do is a great inspiration to my future music wise. I believe that as a fact.
Andrea, can you name some female Rock and Metal talents who played at your venue that you had the chance to meet?
Oh, there’s been so many, it’s hard to choose! A couple of my favorites that come to mind are Alex Luciano from Diet Cig and Yvette Young from Covet. Both lovely people to work with and they make great music.
Have you seen your favourite band(s) live in a concert? Can you tell us a bit about the first time you saw them? How did it feel when they first appeared on stage and their first song started playing?
I haven’t seen Exit Eden, but I’ve seen VoA 4 times. The first time I saw them was in 2018, and that was one of my favourite concerts ever! As soon as the concert started I started to smile like an idiot, I was so happy! And after the show I met the 2 singers, which made the night even more perfect.
It felt fantastic to see and hear Markie and the band in concert at a 3 day music festival in Slovakia in 2017.
I haven’t seen DELAIN live, but I have seen Within Temptation, another my favorite band.
It was in 2018, when WT visited Russia, and I persuaded my parents to let me go to the concert with my brother and his wife.
When the concert began, it was that wonderful, that I:
A) I let out my voice, shouting the songs louder than Sharon
B) Was jumping and annoying everyone
When the show ended, the band started shaking hands to the fans from the stage, but I missed the moment and got kinda sad because of it, but then Sharon noticed me and waved at me 😍
It was literally the best day of my life
I have seen so many exceptional artists over the years. It’s usually not the moment they walk on stage that sticks with me unless it’s a reunion show. MCR’s Return show for instance where they lead up to curtain drop with a medley of intro and intermission songs and went straight into I’m Not Okay. That will stick with me forever of course. And then there’s other moments, like seeing Paramore play When It Rains in the falling rain with some of my best friends, that will also stay with me. Or every time I see my friends in Keep Flying play with more energy than any other band out there, even if it’s just to a couple people. You can’t describe those feelings, but they last.
Yes, I have! The first time I saw Within Temptation live in concert was in Milan (October 2011) and I was there with my best friend Maurizio. When Sharon den Adel appeared on stage with all her elegance I was bewitched: I can’t believe she was there singing in front of me! Six year later, due to my work as a photographer, I discovered Kobra and the Lotus and it was love at first sight! I loved her energy on the stage and her amazing voice immediately.
Yes, four times. The first time was in 2015, at the great festival Rock Fest Barcelona. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan back then, but seeing them live left a huge impact on me and I started to focus on their music like never before. The first song of that show was “Shudder Before The Beautiful”, a truly epic kick-off! I felt both powerful and emotional while listening to it and watching the band.
I saw Epica 3 times in 2019 and in 2020 I will see them twice I hope. I pray Corona shows mercy 🙏🤞🏻. The first time I saw Epica was in Hertme in June 2019. Actually I saw them before the concerts started. I made photos with Rob (Epica’s Bassist) and Oliver (Simone’s Husband) and had a little chat with them. I saw Simone walking from A to B and it felt like my heart was dropping into my pants haha… But nothing compared to the moment when Epica entered the stage and played their music. It felt like heaven would hug and carry me into another dimension. Not even exaggerated. The highlight was when the concert was over and Simone took her setlist, wrapped it around the water bottle she drank from and threw it to me. Damn, I was the luckiest girl on earth.
OMG!! The very first band that I saw live was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. From what I remember it was quite a good experience. I do remember a lot of drunk people dancing and having a good time. There was this woman that would scream the whole time. It was hard to ignore her. So, I had to tell her to sit her ass down. There are you know people trying to enjoy the concert which she did do what she was told. Personally, from that experience I’m glad that there was no fight. The first song Joan opened with was victim of circumstance. Best first rock concert I’ve been to. It’s something a person will cherish.
Andrea, Fender revealed lately that guitar sales for young girls have had a significant increase in the last years and they expect that in a certain period of time half of the Rock and Metal artists will be female. Have you seen that increase in the number of female artists that play at your venue?
There has definitely been an increase in the amount of female artists over the last several years, which I’m really stoked on. We’re definitely no where near where we should be, but it’s awesome to see the scene becoming more inclusive over time. I love being able to encourage women that the music industry is not a boys-only club!
What things did you learn from the lead singer(s) of the band(s) you support and what things can you say she inspired you to do or learn or change about yourself?
I became more confident of myself because of their music, and their kindness in general. Probably Clémentine inspired me the most, I became vegetarian because of her, and overall, I became more open to new things. I truly believe that I became a better person since I listen to their music, and I’m so grateful to them for everything.
Marketa is a very kind and appreciative person and goes out of her way to help people.
Well, Charlotte inspired me to try to make friends with plants lol. Now on my windowsill there are two pots with parsley and dill, there also are small sprouts of tomatoes, which will then move to the greenhouse near our house😍. I need two cacti to be completely happy
Following Kobra Paige’s lovely example, I am trying to write down what I am grateful for. I do that every night, and list 10 things I am grateful to have in my life. It may seem something useless, but it helps creating a positive mindset. I will be forever grateful to the Universe for had the chance to know her personally in 2017 and keep in touch with her still now: she is a special human being and I love her so much!
I’m not going to try to pick my favourite singer; that dilemma is too old. Each one of them is talented and wonderful in their own way. Tarja Turunen, the first vocalist, has the most impressive vocal range to me, and my favourite album “Oceanborn” was recorded with her. Anette Olzon is fascinating on the album “Imaginaerum”, and Floor Jansen’s voice and charisma is the perfect element to consolidate a band that was literally broken many times. She is like the healer, the bringer of calm after the storm. That’s what I admire in each singer, there’s a lot to learn from them and not everyone would undertake such a journey.
Amy Lee has been my biggest inspiration since I first found out about the band. Her personality reminds me of mine just a bit and I think she puts creativity before everything. She can express herself artistically in many different ways from playing instruments and singing to painting. Apart from the fact that she has helped me emotionally a lot she has inspired me to start practicing singing as well.
So my favorite album of Epica is “Design Your Universe” and like the title says I tried to design my own universe and my own life instead of doing what other people expect me to be. And in “Kingdom of Heaven” there’s a line that says: “the longer you wait for the future the shorter it will be”. It actually changed my whole life. Because before I listened to Epica I always was like: “Hmm I’ll do it someday” but now I’m motivated to do things immediately. And Simone taught me to make fluffy pancakes on smoonstyle. com (Her own blog) 🥞😂
Nadine in an Epica shirt, appearing to be excited, unlike the guy yawning in the background for not having Epica in his life
To be honest, there are a lot of things that I’ve learned from music and the bands that I listen to. Joan Jett has taught me to have fun on stage and always enjoy the moment. By always being yourself and never taking anything bad with you. By having someone not supporting you. Joan as a musician has changed how I’ve felt about music and believing that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.
The band you’re representing the fans of is exceptionally not a female-fronted one, however it is very well-known to attract the feminist lot due to their ideas and standards that are expressed many times in music or interviews or screamed out loud on stage. What is something you personally have learned from My Chemical Romance that made a stronger person?
There’s honestly so much you can take away from their music, but I think one of the most important things I personally learned from them is that everyone heals from trauma in different ways. They explore a lot of concepts in their albums from heartbreak, loss, self-deprecation, and societal norms and turn those into full stories and universes. They take you on a journey of different stages of coping with these things and it really puts it into perspective that everything in your life can change so drastically and quickly, but we all have to try to find a way through that. And the things that work for me may not work for someone else, but that doesn’t mean one way is better than the other. Every person is different and thus copes with the same life events in different ways. I think learning to acknowledge and respect that will help you open your eyes to the lives of strangers and allow you to better understand the people around you.
Since you’re here with us, would you like to tell us a bit as well about your music project? Who were your inspirations to become a musician and create Brightly Wild? And have you released any music yet that the readers can check out?
I’d love to! One of my biggest inspirations growing up was the band Eisley. The name “brightly wild” actually was inspired by one of their songs. I basically grew up in the metal and rock scene, and that’s also primarily the scene that my music venue is known for. So softer, indie music has always been a very refreshing thing for me. Which is why brightly wild is dream pop – think along the lines of Purity Ring and CHVRCHES. We just released our very first single “dreamstate” that’s out everywhere now, and we are releasing another single “missing out” in a couple weeks, with a few more releases and EP on its way as well.
What other bands are you a fan of?
Nightwish, Ann My Guard, Blackbriar, Amaranthe, Dalriada, and many more…
I do have a lot of favorites. Some are Lyria, Mhelyssa, Elysion, Surma, and many others
This is probably the most difficult question in this interview XD
I can’t list them all, but I am also a fan of Within Temptation, Alia Tempora, Visions of Atlantis, Dark Element, Dark Sarah, Amaranthe, In This Moment, LaFee, Xandria and so on..
Way too many to name! I mentioned them earlier, but Keep Flying is definitely a favorite. Fall Out Boy and Four Year Strong are also at the top of my list.
I have been a great fan of Muse since 2001 but I also love Epica, Sirenia, The Birthday Massacre, Lacuna Coil, Depeche Mode, Deathstars, Slipknot…and many more!
I’m also a huge fan of Beast In Black, and others like Judas Priest, Accept, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Avantasia, Warlock/Doro Pesch, HammerFall, and a long etc.
The main type of music I listen to is metal, so I like bands such as Within Temptation, Epica, Slipknot and Black Sabbath. I also like some punk rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Blondie, The Misfits and Green Day. I never stay away from anything rock music has to offer. 🙂
I’m a big fan of Rammstein. Simone is also a big fan of Rammstein what makes me feel more connected to her. I also love Trillium and Exit Eden. Amanda Somerville is such an amazing and powerful woman who is included in both bands. Trillium is her own band actually. And Exit Eden is a cover band lead by four female metal singers.
Halestorm, Van Halen, The Runaways, Def leppard, Motley crue, skid row, firehouse, Heart etc


Andrea, let’s play a guessing game. I’m going to show you the eyes of several American Metal and Rock goddesses and you’ll have to guess whose eyes are these. Let’s start with these…

Hmm, maybe Lzzy Hale?
That’s correct! How about these eyes?

Oh I know this one for sure!! Amy Lee
Correct again! And these eyes?

These eyes look like they belong to Joan Jett.
Correct again! Finally, whose eyes are these?

This is a tough one, I’m really not sure. If I have to take a guess, I’ll guess Cindy Lauper, but I’m probably totally wrong.
You are right that you’re wrong! That’s actually Hayley Williams. But you got 3 out of 4 so that’s great!


Berni, you’re known for your witty and funny memes, so we have a picture for you that we’d like  you to caption. This picture is taken from Vision of Atlantis’s ‘The Deep & The Dark’ music video!
Image is a screenshot from ‘The Deep & The Dark’ video by Visions of Atlantis
Hehe, thank you! Umm… let’s say “when you accidentally step on a Lego”
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I have a young sister so I know that feeling! And that’s another one from ‘A Journey to Remember’.
Image is a screenshot from ‘A Journey to Remember’ video by Visions of Atlantis
I’d caption it as “when you see your friends for the first time after quarantine ends”


Let’s play an Alia Tempora game! I will show you images of items that appeared in the scenes of some Alia Tempora music videos. You have to guess which one. Ready?

This barrel?
This pillow?
Leave you Behind
And correct again!
This coke?
Loser Like Me (Masters of Rock 2019)
And again! You’ve got 3 out of 3!
Kate, Delain has very interesting music videos. we’re going to play the same game with you on Delain music videos! Ready?
This glass of wine?
“Frozen” I think…
It’s actually from Burning Bridges. 😞
What about this full moon?
Kinda reminds me of “Masters of Destiny” video clip
This lamp?
“Stardust” vibes..
Correct again! You got 2 out of 3!


Kayla, since we’re a feminist webzine we still have to include some ladies in the interview. So we’ll play a game. MCR music videos featured many remarkable actresses. I will show images of actresses and you’ll have to guess which music video they appeared on!
Let’s start with this picture
Kayla, since we’re a feminist webzine we still have to include some ladies in the interview. So we’ll play a game. MCR music videos featured many remarkable actresses. I will show images of actresses and you’ll have to guess which music video they appeared on!
Let’s start with this picture
Kayla, since we’re a feminist webzine we still have to include some ladies in the interview. So we’ll play a game. MCR music videos featured many remarkable actresses. I will show images of actresses and you’ll have to guess which music video they appeared on!
Here are the pictures..
Oh no. I’m going to be bad at this. This looks like the woman in the Helena video though.
I kept this one for last. Process of elimination has me going with Ghost of You, but honestly I don’t know.
Project Save Our Surf Charity Event & Perfume Launch : News Photo
This looks like the I Don’t Love You woman.
This one should be easy, but here you go..
Grace Jeanette aka The Girl from the Danger Days era videos. She did a great NaNaNa cover back then.
Actually that was a bit unfair. The first was Serena Hendrix, from Welcome to the Black Parade, she was one of the lead soldiers but her face was covered, sorry 😔
The second is Tracy Phillips, from Helena. You got the last two right, though! Third is Cassandra Church from ‘I Don’t Love You’, and finally the talented Grace Clark or Grace Jeunette, who release an EP lately!
You got 2 out of 4 but it was a very hard game so great job!


Luna, you’re a very good photographer. Your concerts photographs are as alive and as Metal as the bands in them. But let’s see if you guess who’s in your own photographs from parts of them. We will show you cropped pictures of parts of artists taken from your photographs and you’ll have to guess who it is.
First, we have this hand…

This graceful hand belongs to Margarita Monet from Edge of Paradise!
Indeed! This one is a bit easy, shoulder

Very simple: it belongs to Tatiana Shmaylyuk from Jinjer!
YES! This arm?

This arm belongs to the one and only Simone Simons from Epica!
YES! And that’s for one of my favourites, this hair?

She is my lovely friend Veronica Annalisa Ferrucci from Wicked Asylum, no doubt about that!
P.S. Thank you so very much for the beautiful words you wrote to my photos: I really appreciate it!
You’re very welcome, and you’ve got 4 out of 4! Brilliant!


Marga, Nightwish over the time had three great vocalists, and in my opinion they all are among the greatest of our time. We’re going to play a game. I will show you a band image of Nightwish and I will hide the lead singer. You will have to guess if it is Tarja, Anette, or Floor. Ready?




That’s Anette, during the Dark Passion Play photo-shoot 😊
Excellent! 4 out of 4!
Maria, few months ago you started a special campaign to support Evanescence. Can you tell us more about that campaign and why you started it and how did it go?
Yes! Well at the very beginning of December of last year an unfortunate event happened to Evanescence at the Knotfest festival which if someone is not familiar with, you can find info about it somewhere online. When that happened the band had recently released their version of “The Chain”. So I spread a message to people that they should stream that song non-stop, every day, for an entire week. At the end of the week I saw an official article that the song has made it on the top hot rock billboard charts!
That’s awesome. I had the pleasure to participate in this campaign.
Nadine, You have the biggest Simone Simons fan-page on Instagram. When do you feel your efforts in building this fan-page have been rewarded?
Every time when Simone likes (or even comments) my posts. Then I feel like I did everything right to support her. Sometimes she even shares my posts or stories in her story. It’s such an amazing feeling. And somehow this incredible woman recognized me at my first meet and greet with the band. So this was the sign that I support a woman who really cares about her fans and fan-pages. She’s so lovely!
It’s game time! I will show you objects that appear in Halestorm music videos and you’ll have to guess which one it’s from. Some objects might appear in more than one so you might have to just make a lucky guess! 
Let’s start with this hat.

That hat looks like like it’s gotta be from Familiar Taste of Poison. 
Actually it’s from  “I Am The Fire”! There’s a similar hat on Familiar Taste of Poison, though. 
This truck?

It’s from ‘Freak Like Me’. It goes by very fast at the 29th second!
Let’s start with this hat.
This badly edited phone?
YES! It’s from Vicious. You got 1 out of 3 but it was a very hard game so great job!

VoA & Exit Eden GAME TIME!

Berni, efore we end this interview, let’s play a game.
I’ll give you lists of four names from which one does not belong to the group. You’ll have to guess which one doesn’t belong. The theme will be Visions of Atlantis and Exit Eden.

Exit Eden, Serenity, reVamp, and Visions of Atlantis?
reVamp, because Clémentine wasn’t part of this band.
Adele, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson, because Exit Eden didn’t make a cover of his songs
Return to Lemuria, Avatara, Book of Nature, A Journey to Remember?
 Avatara, because that song is from a completely different lineup, it’s not sung by Clémentine
Correct again!
Finally, 2013, 2015, 2018, and 2019?
2015, because VoA didn’t release an album in that year.
Four out of four! Brilliant! Final question for you John, we read comments from many men today on social media unfortunately saying that the women can’t rock or that Rock or Metal requires a man’s voice. What do you think of that, being a big fan of a wonderful band led by a woman?
I enjoy hearing women singing in rock or Symphonic Metal . There is a place for a man’s voice and a women’s voice in a song.


We’ll play another game related to Delain’s music videos. I’ll show you an image and you have to tell me if it’s from a Delain music video or not. Watch out, I’ll do my best to trick you.
Let’s start with this image. From a Delain music video or not?
Of course, it is from “Burning Bridges”
What about this one?

“Masters of Destiny”
Actually, a similar sequence appears on “Masters of Destiny” but this one is actually from ‘Head Above Water’ by Avril Lavigne.
And finally this one?

I am not sure, I think it is not their music video 
Indeed! It’s from ‘A Journey to Remember’ by Visions of Atlantis!
You got 2 out of 3.
Kayla, finally, I wanted to say how fun it was to be on the Lurkers fan-page that you run. I have many great memories there. What are your favourite memories from the time we spent posting and talking on that page?
Oh goodness. Honestly, I am still meeting up with so many people from that group in person to this day and consider many of you my very best friends. I came across some old drawings I made during 3am tinychat sessions the other day. There’s just too many memories to choose and I’m still making more every year. I never want that to end.
Luna, as a photographer, you get to go to many concerts probably more than most other people. But what is one concert that you remember for being very special for you?
I have several incredible memories of different concerts but, probably, the very first one I saw when I was a teenager is the most special to me. Believe it or not, I am talking about the Back Street Boys and their Millennium Tour in summer of 1999! I remember the road trip with my Mom, the sunny day (it was really hot), the long wait in front of the venue, the crowd, shouts of enthusiasms, the lights, the amazing stage and all of them: my heroes singing in front of me (because we were very close to the stage…I was so excited!). It was a blast!
One of Luna’s incredible photos, check out her Instagram page for a lot more of that
Finally, what is your favourite song by the voice of each of the three vocalists?
“Beauty of the Beast” (with Tarja), “Storytime” (with Anette) and “The Greatest Show on Earth” (with Floor).


Maria, even though you’re retired, we have a picture for you that we’d like  you to caption. This picture is taken from an article on iHeartRadio’s website.
Time traveller: “I come from April 2020.”
Me in November 2019: “How’s the Worlds Collide tour going?”
Time Traveller:


😂😂😂 Excellent!
Nadine, let’s play a game. Since you’re a fan of Epica, I’ll show you pictures of objects that appeared in some of Epica’s music videos. You’ll have to guess which music videos they were taken from.
We have a book, painting, a far tree, and a bicycle.

Well surprisingly it was easy to me. Maybe because I watched their music videos for like 500 times 😂🤞🏻 All I did was re-watch my assumptions and they all were right. The book is from “Unleashed”, the Painting is from “Never Enough”, the tree is from “Solitary Ground” (this was the easiest one), and the bike is also from “Unleashed”. This Game was actually pretty fun! 😊
Four out of four! Excellent.
Finally, we’ll play another game. Lzzy Hale is known for changing her looks quite a lot. I will show you pictures taken from her social media and you have to guess which year this picture was taken. Ready?
Let’s start with this one!

Exactly! That’s from August 2019.
What about this?

This had to been right around the 90s maybe like 96 or 99
Almost there! Lzzy posted this picture in 2018 stating it’s 21 years ago, which makes the answer 1997. And this?

Very close again! it’s from 2016. Maria let’s play this same game on Amy Lee pictures.

Hmmm, I believe that’s from Amy’s instagram profile… I’m gonna say it’s from 2015 😀
Very close! It’s a selfie from 2014.

Jen’s there so probably 2016
Very close again! It’s from 2015.

2016 or 2017 😀
True! 2016!

Ah, that was not too long ago. Near the end of 2019.
Nadine, many funny things can happen when you run a fan-page of a celebrity. Some confused fans, some weird messages. Can you tell us something funny that happened to you?
It’s rather weird than funny but once I got asked if a guy could smell my armpits. He thought I’m Simone. Well actually it’s funny tho. I still talk about this guy and laugh about his question. The funniest thing is that he was dead serious. 😂😂
😂😂 Thank you for the interview!
Thank you for interviewing me! 🙂
Thank you for writing such a rad zine and trying to shine a light on some of the issues and the triumphs faced by women in the industry. I think it’s great you’re providing so many women with an outlet like this.
My pleasure! Talk to you soon.
It was fun! 🙂
Thank you for interviewing me! 😊
Nadine with Epica’s Rob van der Loo

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