Bonsai Kitten is a very interesting Rock band from Germany. Their innovative music has recently found form in a new album “Love and Let Die”, featuring their single and music video that was released earlier, “Dead Man Walking”.

We had the chance to chat with Bonsai Kitten’s vocalist, Marleen, to talk about her band’s new music among other topics and ideas she shared with us. Here’s our interview with Tiger Lilly Marleen!

Hello Marleen! It’s a joy to chat with you. How is life during the pandemic era treating you?
Hello! I am doing fine as to the circumstances of course. I haven´t had covid and try to stay as safe and healthy as I can these days! I work out a lot, eat healthy food, and am writing new songs.
You are the front-woman of the German Rock band ‘Bonsai Kitten’. I read some wonderful reviews about your band from several sources, but how would you describe ‘Bonsai Kitten’ to a reader who is discovering you right now?
Thank you! Yes, I am very happy with our new album LOVE AND LET DIE. Well, to describe our new sound I would like to quote one of the reviews, in which it says that we are “combining the spirit of Woodstock with Wacken”! And that marks it pretty well, I´d say! I am happy with the direction in which we have evolved. I have the metal drummer Marc Reign (ex-Destruction/ Morgoth) and Wally, the bluesrock guitar player of Psychopunch in my band. We are mixing both of the styles with my husky alto and a bass player who only needs 3 strings to play 🙂
You premiered a new music video for ‘Dead Man Walking’ a few months ago. How are you feeling about the way your fans and listeners received this release?
I think the reception by the fans and the press of this single and our new album LOVE AND LET DIE in general was phenomenal. We are very happy about it, because it means so much to us, that the peeps stayed with us all these years, when we were continuously developing and unfolding.
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, how about we play a little imagination game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’d have to react. Ready?
Okay! Sure, let´s go!
In a universe where your new album, Love And Let Die, comes to life and its songs become actual humans, which song could be your best friend?
My best friend would be the song I HAVE FREEDOM. (I really wish to have a friend like this!) Someone who would bolster me up from time to time! That´s why I wrote this song, I guess, to be my own best friend 😉
In a universe where you have the ability to shapeshift into any animal’s form, which animal shape would you be in mostly?
Definitely a Cat, or more like a Tiger. Yeah, I´d be a Tiger!
In a universe where you physically cannot say the truth and anything you say is a lie, how would you describe your drummer, Marc Reign?
Marc Reign is a very shy person, who you have to persuade into doing a drum solo or go out to party! 🙂
In a universe where you’re the ruler of a certain country, what would be an interesting law you’d make?
I would love to establish the law of happiness. Some sort of measurements to identify people degree of current happiness. Like they have in Bhutan. Putting people before profit basically and a state that puts effort in the maintenance and increase of that individual happiness!
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding an object that represents your personality, what would you be holding?
Well, a microphone! 🙂
In a universe where you are a stand-up comedian instead of a musician, what would be a signature joke you’d tell?
I have a couple of dirty jokes I love to tell. I can not tell them on here 😉 If we ever meet in real life, hit me up, I´ll tell them to you! 😉
Sure will! Thank you for playing, Marleen! Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Yes, I have been treated in a sexist way before. I think each woman has. But not while I was being on stage, more, when I was managing and booking my band, or trying to find allies to help in the progression of my career. As for advice, I think it is important to learn about-, recognize and become aware of your own worth. Value yourself, know your boundaries and needs. And if they are not met by other people or your boundaries are crossed, speak out. Stand up for yourself and say what you want and say what you don´t want. If nothing changes, leave the situation. It is also important to have a community that supports you!
What is your most treasured music-related moment from when you were growing up?
I went to my first Michael Jackson concert when I was 10. That was very interesting.
Are you planning for any new release that you’d like to tell us about?
Yes! We are working on new songs, that we have been writing in the last year. We will record them in the first half of the new year and release them the year after. But we have also planned some „in-between“ releases and specials, as well, so stay tuned or check:
Thank you for the interview, Marleen! It has been a real pleasure!
Thank you!

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