Brazilian band, The Damnnation, is an all-girl extreme Metal act that is emerging into the Metal scene in a blasting fashion. The São Paulo band released an EP in 2020 with traces of classic Thrash Metal fused into a unique and heavy sound that they developed. Most recently, the band that is formed from Renata Petrelli (vocals, guitars), Aline Dutchi (bass) and Luana Diniz (drums), released a music video for their single ‘Apocalypse’.

We had the pleasure to interview Renata Petrelli and ask her about her band’s plans for their future, as well as questions attempting to get to know her and The Damnnation better. Here’s our interview with The Damnnation’s vocalist and guitarist, Renata Petrelli.

Hello Renata! How are you and the other girls from The Damnnation doing?
Hello there! We are great, preparing ourselves to hit the stage soon! Hope all doing good around there, and thank you for having us!
If one of the readers hasn’t checked your music yet, what would you tell them to expect if they go check it right now?
We’re 3 girls doing their own music don’t try to look like to anyone! But, if we would have to put the main influence, I would tell is a mixing of thrash metal, some death metal old school, with still some melodic lines on it and harsh vocals!
I heard you’re currently working on your debut album. How is that going?
Right now is being mixed by Martin Furia (Nervosa, Bark, Sisters of Suffocation)
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, we usually play a nerdy game. I will set a scenario in an alternate universe and you would have to react. Ready?
Deal, lol
In a universe where you have the power to teleport to any place you want, what place would you teleport to so you can get inspired to write a new song?
To the Moon, to see the world in peace (and quiet) and reflect about everything but from a view, I’m not part of it.
In a universe where people pay for things by telling funny jokes, how rich would you be?
I would be the buyer, I’m a person too easy for making laugh!
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would The Damnnation’s music taste like?
As we have a lot of different songs and mixed genres, I think it is possible for any people who like heavier songs or middle pace songs, really enjoy them!
In a universe where you’re the queen of the land, what would be an interesting law you’d make?
Education, food and equality for everyone.
In a universe where you received a call from a series production company asking to use ‘Apocalypse’ as the theme song of a series, what would you expect the genre of the series to be?
Hahahaha Vampires! Probably a universe that Vampires and Humans would live or trying to co-exist. Would be interesting!
Thank you for playing, Renata! What is one music-related memory from your childhood that you treasure?
Hotel California (Eagles, Radio Gaga (Queen), California Dreamin’ (The Mamas and The Papas), Brother in Arms (Dire Straits). These songs I used to listen to a lot in my childhood. My mother is a rocker!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Yes, I’m pretty sure that almost all the girls in a band had a moment or so being treated in a sexist way. Once, years ago, I and my previous band were barred to get in our backstage, cause security thought we were groupies of other bands. Nowadays it doesn’t happen that much, but we still notice some curiosity or disdain from men (and some girls too) who want to “verify’ if we really can play. The thing is, we are doing our thing, and me or any person who wants to do something, don’t need someone’s approval, only itself!
How did the pandemic influence the writing process and release of your upcoming debut album?
In fact, it was positive. We could schedule some stuff and I had a long free time to compose. On other hand, to record was tough, once we had some months that covid reached big numbers and we had to be on standby for a while. So to record we took a long time, once we had some forced breaks.
Thank you for the interview, Renata! It has been a pleasure!
Thank you for having us, and hopefully, soon we can play around there! See ya!

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