‘Howl’ is the newest single by the German Metal band, The Tex Avery Syndrome. The Frankfurter band fronted by Laura Gierl released the single along with a music video on the 16th of July.

As usual, The Tex Avery Syndrome deliver a massive sound in “Howl” with their fast and heavy guitar riffs paired with Laura’s ground-shaking growls. The music video is wonderfully expressive of the deep lyrics of the song. After the 2 minutes and a half interval, we witness a change in the sound as we enter a bridge with a slower tempo and softer sound, the vocals becoming clean, which reflected brilliantly in the music video visuals with brighter colours. The song quickly returns into its former heavy glory, and is concluded with a majestic echo that showcases the great production the song went into.

Check out “Howl”, the music video, below.

And stream on Spotify.

Laura Gierl, vocalist of The Tex Avery Syndrome