Like every year, FemMetal Awards celebrates new-comers and underground female artists in Rock and Metal through an awards event, where the public votes for who they think is best in eight categories. For the third year in a row, the event will be hosted on this website, shedding light on these talented ladies and bands.

With every year, this event has been growing, as we learn from our previous mistakes and try to purify and improve things we felt could be better.

And the constant variable from one awards event to another is the theme, where we always try to focus on women’s power through the aliases we give to the awards. In the first edition of the awards the theme was the Greek pantheon where each award had the alias of a goddess. In the second, the theme was a haunted house where horrifying creatures took over.

When will the event be held? What is this year’s theme? What changes are taking place in the formula of the awards? This article will answer these questions and more.

When will the Event be held?

The public voting will begin on the 14th of December and end on the 21st.

This year, the event will kick off with the public voting that will be during the week that extends from the 14th of December till the 21st of it. A week before that, the full list of nominees will be announced. After the voting time is up, the results will be officially announced on the 26th of December. We might /just might/ announce the results in a special way this year.

The Theme

The theme of this year’s event will be real-life heroines. We’ve previously approached the event as a way to promote feminism from a fantasy or mythological direction. This year, the approach will be more straight forward. The categories’ names will honor real history heroines, women who changed the course of events in history, whether in science, politics, philosophy or warfare. The Hall of Fame page for this year will be named ‘The Museum’.

Who are women we’re honoring be? You can read all about them in the next article.

The Haunted House was the theme for last year’s FemMetal Awards 2019

The aWARDs Formula

There has been three main changes in the award’s formula.

First, we have replaced the award for the Best Vocals, which used to be for general vocalists no matter the style of vocals they perform, with Best Band award. We felt it would be ridiculous comparing vocalists from vast Rock and Metal sub-genres with completely different singing styles. The Best Band however takes a wider range of variables into consideration, as voters would be picking who they feel is the best overall band or artist.

Another change will be in the number of nominees for this year, as we’ll be picking ten finalists instead of six, giving space for more artists to appear on our pages through the event.

The final major change will be in the addition of a new category for cover artists. Any musician who has released more than three covers over any video or media sharing website could be nominated for this new category.

We are looking forward for the amazing moments we’ll have together in FemMetal Awards 2020. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.