Today we’re going to talk about Emyna the Rock Queen and her single ‘What Will You Do?’. Emyna is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter that delivers her material with great energy. Some of her best known tracks are Rock Queen and I Am Me. Her most recent single, ‘What Will You Do?’ was released in 2019 and featured Stuart Epps, legendary producer who worked previously with names like Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bad Company, and many others.


What Will You Do?’ is one of those songs that feel like an extension of the Hard Rock golden age into the 21st century. ‘What Will You Do?’ begins with a catchy riff that is joined by the wonderful vocals with very uplifting lyrics. The lead guitar on the song is just brilliant, crossing in with Emyna’s vocals every now and then. Another lovely thing about this song are the backing vocals that add more energy into the words. Great song.


We’ve had the chance to talk with Emyna and ask her about her thoughts on many things and her music, and plans for the future. Here’s how the interview went.

Hello Emyna. It’s a pleasure to chat with you. How are you doing in these globally difficult times?
Hello Mirk, I am making the best of it. completing working on online shows, ebooks and workshops and writing music.
I’ve had the chance to check many of your songs and your music has so many elements from the golden age but rendered with a modern approach. How would you define the way your music sounds to someone who never listened to you before.
It’s Rock with a message.
You have released some great singles recently like ‘What Will You Do?’ and “I Am Me” How are you feeling about the reception these singles got from your fans?
Very good. I think fans and new listeners like the sound of the music and the message.
In ‘I Am Me’, you send a very powerful message about your identity and freedom of choice. What would you say are the main characteristics that would define you as an artist and a person?
I don’t understand the words no you can’t do this or that, I avoid negativity and keep following my dreams
Are you planning to release any new music soon?
Yes my new single is “Forever” produced also by Stuart Epps coming out around January.
You have been in the music industry for a longer time than all of the artists our webzine has interviewed before. What changes have you seen to the way things are in music, regarding how people look at women working in it and other things as well?
I listened to Lita Ford and Heart I even covered “Straight On” on one of my first albums. I think women are now accepted and stand out based on their accomplishments.
We at FemMetal love to get to know our guests through funny game-like questions. So, since you’re Emyna the Rock Queen, we’ll play a different game than usual. We will imagine you’re an actual queen ruling a country called Rockville. And I’ll ask you how you’d act in certain scenarios. Ready?
What interesting law would Queen Emyna of Rockville make?
We will always have music 24-7 in Rockville with artist performing live.
Which of her songs would Emyna choose to be the national anthem of Rockville?
“I Am Me”
How would her majesty, Queen Emyna, punish a villager who physically harmed his wife?
I would give the villager 12 months in jail.
How would her majesty punish a man who was heard saying racist slurs against another civilian of Rockville?
Go into Neighborhoods and work for every family in the household doing everything: cleaning, landscaping for 6 months.
That’s awesome.
Invading goblins surround Rockville. The goblins’ weakness is songs with powerful guitar riffs. Which of your songs would you charge against the goblins with?
My song “Rise.”
Thank you for playing Emyna!
What advice would you like to give to younger people, especially women, who are planning or pursuing a career in music?
Learn your craft follow your dreams, and make it happen
If you had the power to get rid of one problem the world is facing, whether it’s hunger or racism or sickness, which problem would you choose?
I would get rid of sickness. It’s hard to work when you are ill.
Thank you for the interview Emyna! Good luck for you in all your future projects.
Thank you. All the best to you also

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