Our interviewee today is a South African Progressive Rock musician, known as a vocalist and guitarist. Her new EP, ‘Harbinger’, however, is an instrumental work. The EP was released in 2020 to follow her album, ‘Falling Forward’, released in the same year. We had the chance to listen to ‘Harbinger’, which we will slightly talk about. We also had the pleasure of interviewing Robyn Ferguson and talking about her music and other things.


The two tracks of the EP have a massive progressive sound with the guitars being the central factor of the music. Robyn’s brilliant melodies on both track made the tracks a wonderful work as the music drives the beats and yields in a complete instrumental work able to fit into many Metal and Rock playlists.


And here’s the interview we had with R. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Hello Robyn. I’m really happy to chat with you.
We will talk about your new EP ‘Harbinger’ soon. But first, how would you introduce yourself as an artist to our readers who haven’t heard about you yet?
Hi all, I’m Robyn Ferguson from South Africa. I’m a guitarist and vocalist and have been focusing on some of my own solo instrumental work over the last or two.
While 2020 was a hard year for everyone, I think you made the best of it with 2 releases. Falling Forward and now Harbinger. How are you feeling about the reaction of the fans to these two releases?
I’m amped! The reaction has been absolutely amazing and has super charged me to continue writing for another release, hopefully soon.
To get to know you more, how about we play a game, like we always do, called ‘In a universe’. I’ll give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’ll have to react.
In a universe where you can time travel, what era would you love to visit most?
The Victorian era
In a universe where you’re the lead vocalist of a Jazz band, what would the band’s name be?
The Lounge Smoothies
In a universe where the currency is the person’s sense of humor, how rich would you be?
123456789098765432123456789098765432123456789098765432123456789098765432134 monies…. Maybe…
In a universe where you just changed your WiFI password to be your favourite vocalist, your favourite song, and a random word, what would your WifFi password be?
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would your music taste like?
Pizza… not sure if that’s really true or if i’m just really craving a pizza right now….🤷‍♀️
I understand that feeling! 😂 Thank you for playing Robyn!
Your music style is quite unique. What artists had the most influence on your character as a musician? 
It’s really hard to put together or narrow down a manageable list. My style is unique because it’s so widely influenced. I take inspiration from greats like Beethoven, all the way through to  more modern legends like Devin Townsend etc. but my biggest influence is nature.
Do you remember the first time you performed to a live audience ever? How did it feel and how did it go?
I was 12 haha! I doubt I could ever forget it!  The gig was terrible, of course, but was one of the best experiences of my life. I remember thinking I may pass out from the adrenaline, but the second my foot hit the stage, I knew it was where I was meant to be and I’ve never looked back.
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give teenagers around the world who face any kind of discrimination?
I think we all go through some form of sexism at some point in our lives. I’ve always tried to channel it into my art and my music. Be so good that you can’t be ignored… 
Thank you for the interview, Robyn! Good luck for you in all your projects.
Thank you! Much love and respect to you all.

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