Stuntdriver is a Rock act fronted by the multi-talent musician, Kym Priess. The Los Angeles-based act released their third single, Fugitive. We had the chance to listen to the new single and write a short review on it. We also were lucky to chat with Kym Priess and talk about her music and plans among other things.


Fugitive is a dance-Rock track with a great energy coming out of it. The beat and synth with the guitars on the song make it a perfect workout song and an exciting one to bang your head to. Kym’s voice perfectly glides with the rhythm and music adding to the energy and flow of the song. Fugitive is a contender for many Rock playlists you would like create, as its tune and mood would be perfect to enjoy while doing a variety of activities, including just listening music for the sake of listening music.


And here’s the interview we had with Kym Priess. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Hello Kym. It’s a pleasure to chat with you. How are you doing? 
Hi Mirk! Well, I would say I’m pretty good in general.. (although I’m currently in the studio waiting out a tech prob so figure I can do this now;)  ALSO — relieved the damn election is over, of course and perhaps a vaccine is on the way?! How are YOU??? 
I’m great, thank you. Happy about the vaccine news!
We will talk soon about your new single ‘Fugitive’. But first, how would you introduce Stuntdriver to our readers who are learning about you for the first time? 
SD is highly visual performance art meets heavy industrial-inspired electro-rock with a major dose of absurdity and brashness.  A sci-fi aesthetic and high concept stage shows reminds some of Peaches meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And recently someone said I reminded them of Karen O and The Distillers ! I’ll take it. :))))) Total influences!  SD also likes to abstractly examine the age-old battle of Light and Dark. I essentially play both entities 🙂 “Evil” is represented as this green woman I play called “The Influencer” (obviously modeled after the Wicked Witch and a sardonic take on social media) and “Good”  is represented by “The Driver”, clad in a white/gold/red stuntsuit, gold helmet and face, and bladerunner-esque eyes, prepared to save the world ! The project debuted back in 2018 as an entire immersive production with the band, actors and a set that the audience traveled through which I would looooove to return to! . (Footage on youtube) But so everyone knows, it IS a band. It was a 5-piece at one point then pre-pandemic was a duo then livestreams have been solo 🙂 
Photo credit: Kym Priess
You’ve released ‘Fugitive’ on October 16th. It already is your top played single on Spotify. How are you feeling about this reception the new single got from the fans? 
Well, shit, I’m glad! My other singles did not do well on Spotify.  HA! I don’t know, 3rd time’s a charm, they say?? And I guess maybe I know more now about releasing stuff these days?? Maybe the pandemic helped?! Regardless, I’m very grateful! 
To get to know you more, how about we play a game, like we always do, called ‘In a universe’. I’ll give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’ll have to reply with how you’d act in that scenario. Ready? 
Already loving this !! I love games ! 
In a universe where you can time travel, what era would you love to visit most?
Can I have two choices?? Future : 3020?! // Past : The 20s in Europe or NYC or Mayan times as a Female Warrior! 
In a universe where you’re the lead vocalist of a Jazz band, what would the band’s name be?
Photo credit: David Rodriguez
In a universe where music does not exist, what other form of art would you be doing?
Stand-up / Performance art / Character actor / Stuntdriving ! / Making something w my hands / Salsa maker 
In a universe where you just changed your Wi-Fi password to be your favourite vocalist, your favourite song, and a random word, what would your Wi-Fi password be?
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would Stuntdriver’s music taste like?
Ok this is the hardest one! Japanese-style spicy tapas served before a hefty grass-fed kobe beef steak cooked med rare! Oh, and a jalapeno/cucumber frozen margarita to wash it down 🙂 
Thank you for playing Kym!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way?   
How would you face sexism and what advice would you give teenagers around the world who face any kind of discrimination?
I’m pretty honest – if I feel it, I usually say something to the person’s face…just call them on it . But some is clearly embedded in our society …perhaps that’s where my work ethic lies > always working hard to prove I’m good enough to myself ?? Dunno. ….Really, You just gotta keep doing what you do / standing up for truth / and I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of an all-female music community so I am very grateful for so many badass women  in my life! To teenagers, I would say : trust your gut / if you feel weird, say something to the person or someone else you trust / but like I said, just keep being you and doing your thing and especially important, is having other female artists in your posse!
Are you planning for a bigger release soon, such as an album?
YESSSSS! It’s called SAGA — A concept album produced by John Avila of Oingo Boingo and Anton Soder who have both been band members. Was planning on a mid-year release after SXSW but then covid happened and I just didn’t want to release it this year. So I’m planning on early 2021 as things reset to a new norm! And like I said, I’d love to revisit the immersive version (album release?!) And fingers crossed on getting my beautiful red-headed buddy Jen to play drums and tour with me! 
That’s great news!
Thank you for the interview, Kym! Good luck for you in all your projects.
Thank you so much! Best questions ever! Good luck to you as well! 
Photo credit: Kym Priess


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