Many men have a desire to control the life of women around them, whether it’s their daughter, wife, girlfriend, or sister. Things get worse when these male assholes are in some position of power.

In the recent weeks, Poland has been having protests and strikes due to the government’s almost-total ban of abortion.

“The announcement of the constitutional court’s decision to tighten the abortion law caused enormous indignation in Poland,” Ofilia, lead vocalist of Metal band Arshenic has told us. “An attempt to change this issue is discussed every few years and evokes huge emotions on the part of pro life and pro choice supporters,” she continued, “Returning to this topic and tightening the law during the epidemic, however, was a blow below the belt.”

Ofilia also stated: “Poland has one of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, and after the changes, also in the world. Poland has now gone back many years in development. it is also difficult for women to perform prenatal tests. Prohibiting abortion will not make it less. It will only endanger women for wanting to do the procedure illegally.”

And after Polish women went to the streets to defend their rights over their own body, deputy prime minister of Poland, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, considered these protests, which are another democratic rights, as attempts to “destroy Poland” and urged citizens defend the nation and… guess who? The Catholic church.

Ofilia, vocalist of Polish band Arshenic

“The ruling party,” continued Ofilia, “notoriously publishes untrue information on national television. People taking part in strikes are called left-wing activists or militias. People with nationalist views attack strikers, leading to continuous outbursts of aggression. The situation also translates into family relationships, when political topics make us stop talking to each other at all.”

When it comes to abortion, every one is bound to her or his own opinion. You have the complete freedom to believe abortion is wrong. And you have the complete right to state your opinion on any platform you have access to. But what you do not have the right to do is try to force your opinion on everyone else and make a legislation out of it. Especially, if you’re an old white male who doesn’t even have a vagina. And if you’re so concerned about “protecting” the Catholic Church, maybe work harder on controlling the pedophile acts many figures in that church are committing rather than trying to control women’s life, and mind your own business.

Poland is not the only country with an old alpha male douchebag trying to restrict women’s rights. The soon-to-be former-president of the United States, Donald Trump, have previously stated that “some form of punishment” should be in place for women who have abortions, if the practice was banned. Trump’s administration has made it harder for women to have a safe abortion in the US. It is notable that Donald Trump has made pro choice statements in 1999. However, his recent stand is to please the radical right wing section of his followers, as he places restrictions on abortion as one of his “achievements” on his campaign website.

What can you do to help women in Poland and other countries stand for their rights?

Always search for campaigns and petitions that can serve these causes. Below is a link to a still going solidarity campaign with the women of Poland.

This has nothing to do with what you believe is right or wrong. This is about freedom. And I will conclude this article by a John F. Kennedy quote, slightly altered to fit the current times. “Freedom is indivisible, and when one human being is enslaved, all are not free.” – JFK 

Betty Triangle