Twitter suspended Jordan Peterson’s account after the dumbass made transphobic comments about Elliot Page.

The Canadian psychologist tweeted: “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

After the suspension, Peterson appeared in a video address bemoaning the decision and claiming he had done nothing wrong and that the suspension was against free speech. You can google the video if you’re interested in watching a 60-year-old man withholding tears and throwing a tantrum. I can’t be arsed adding it here.

Jordan Peterson is an influencing personality amongst the conservative lot, with his continuous sexism, homophobia, and you know, the whole caveman package. He is branded as “intelligent” by the same group of people who also believe Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are intelligent. Videos shared by his fanatics often contain keywords like “dismantling feminism”, or “owning a feminist”, clipping parts where the halfwit professor utters statements riddled with fallacies. However, in his calm nature and his rich vocabulary, these erroneous statements appear relevant to the simpletons who also believe that the universe was created in 7 days.

A quick look at Peterson’s Twitter timeline would show you some anti-vaccine tweets, a lot of homophobia, and some retweets of fellow morons praising their de facto cult leader.

In the tweet that got him suspended, Peterson asked “Remember when pride was a sin?” Weren’t these the same days when people also believed Earth is a flat rock carried by four elephants standing on a turtle that is standing on a snake? Weren’t these also the same days when slavery was OK? Weren’t these as well the same days when the same physician who performed an autopsy would then assist in childbirth, without properly sanitizing their hands, leading to thousands of deaths? Those are the days Peterson misses so dearly. It makes sense after all. Most of his followers still believe COVID-19 is a myth and some still believe the Earth is flat.

Then, following the suspension, in his video address with that dim background Al-Qaeda style, which again makes sense as the two parties share so many beliefs and policies, such as wanting to gain control over women’s bodies, Peterson asked Twitter what has he done wrong. Hilarious thing to ask, knowing that misgendering and using deadnames, both popping their ugly heads in his tweet, are listed under “hateful conduct” by Twitter’s guidelines. But I guess the conservative genius treated Twitter’s Terms and Conditions the way every conservative treats the Bible: Clicked “I Accept” without reading or understanding.

Vanessa K

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