Jen Janet. American Alternative singer and song-writer, has released her new single ‘Shadows’. The single, released on January 4th, would be the first of Jen’s planned 2021 releases, which she talked about with FemMetal in her interview last December.

Below is a quote from Jen Janet talking about her new single.

“I started having strange dreams about childhood friends, and it would happen every night. I just suddenly started dreaming about people I hadn’t spoken to in years. I was wondering where they were, and if they were ok. I’d wake up feeling lost. I’m not sure why. I definitely felt some loneliness and uncertainty during the shelter-in-place quarantine, and I think a lot of others did too. I wrote the lyrics to Shadows in one day, and after that, most of the dreams finally stopped. Some of my family members became infected, and it is definitely an uncertain time. I think we are all learning to live with the impact of this virus, and I think it affected a lot of people’s emotional and mental health.” 

Jen Janet

You can stream ‘Shadows’ on the links on this page.