Capgras Delusion is a mental disorder in which a person believes a relative or friend has been replaced by an imposter. And it is also the name of the South African Metal band our interviewee today is from. The young Metal band has release a couple of singles and are paving their way into the scene with a great potential sensed in their early music.

We had the pleasure to chat with Blanque and we have learned a great deal from her about her band, their plans for the near future, as well as her as a person and musician. We hope you enjoy this interview with Blanque!


Hello Blanque! How are you and the rest of the members of Capgras Delusion?
Hello! This entity is well and pleased to communicate with you. 
If you were to pick 3 words that would best describe your band, Capgras Delusion, what words would you choose?
Artistic, Moving, Haunting. These seem to be the most appropriate words to describe the music this entity creates 
Your band is named after a mental disorder where someone believes one of his relatives has been replaced by an imposter. Is there a reason behind this name?
The name of this medical mental disorder was chosen by this ensemble with a clear purpose in mind: knowledge. The aim of Capgras is to spread awareness of different mental diagnoses through the art of music. Afflictions are thoroughly researched in order to tell a story so the listener may connect on an emotional and intellectual level with the purpose of educating those who do not know. There is the firm belief that empathy is born through knowledge. We live in a world of technology, facts and knowledge easily obtained at your fingertips, and the unfortunate reality of a still standing stigma behind and misunderstanding of mental disorders. This ensemble’s aim is to BREAK THE STIGMA.
That’s a great cause.
You have recently released two songs. Are these songs appetizers for a bigger release coming soon?
This entity is always hard at work to gradually release more content on a regular basis for all to enjoy. 
For our readers who haven’t yet listened to ‘Never Saw it Coming’ and ‘ULTRAviolence’, what would you say they should expect if they go check these songs right now?
This one believes that the music is a journey. It’s an experience and allows for a level of soul searching. Listeners can expect raw, powerful emotion and soaring thoughts. 
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, how about we play a little imagination game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’d have to react. Ready?
Indeed. Welcome to our Delusion… 
In a universe where you’re not a real person, but the main character in a TV show, what would the genre of the show be? (sitcom, drama, comedy…etc)
This one would be a psychological thriller or a paranormal horror. All about the mind fuck. 
In a universe where music is illegal and you are put in jail one year for each track on the last album you listened to, for how long would be in jail?
24 light years… VOLA
In a universe where you pay by telling jokes and being funny, not by money, how rich would you be considered?
This one can only dream… perhaps this one would be comfortably wealthy to the majority of the world, but this one is infinitely wealthy when around the other blanks that help make up the entity Capgras Delusion.
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding an object that would represent your personality, what would you be holding?
This one would hold a heart. As a living being, this one is incredibly emotional. As a vessel, this one wants you to listen with your heart, tap into your emotions and allow yourself the opportunity to be vulnerable. 
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are alike, what food would Capgras Delusion’s music taste like?
A braai. Meat feast with a splash of carbohydrates. Full of flavour and excitement 
Thank you for playing, Blanque!
What is your most treasured music-related memory from your childhood?
The first time we ever picked up an instrument. 
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
This one pays no heed to such things. The vision of Capgras Delusion is to educate and enlighten through the music. This one acknowledges that unenlightened views may lead to discrimination of the unknown. This one’s advice: knowledge is power. Know yourself, know your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, pay no heed to the information that is not “on your vibe” and always continue the life-long learning process of becoming the best you that you can be. 
Thank you for the interview Blanque, it has been a pleasure! 
Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you and for all your support in the industry.

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