Alternative Rock singer, Izzy T, has been a sensation! With her powerful vocals and energetic guitars, she takes Rock into her own unique zone and delivers music with a signature that has creativity and originality written all over it.

A few hours before Izzy makes her appearance at Online Female Fest 2, we had the chance to chat with her and talk about many different things. Here’s our interview with Izzy T.


Hello Izzy! I’m really happy to talk with you. How are you doing?
Hey, I’m great thanks, really looking forward to performing in my first ever livestream fest! 
Let’s say a reader hasn’t heard your music before, what would you tell them to expect to hear if they go check your music on your YouTube channel or any streaming app right now?
Ballsy guitar riffs on top of electronic beats, with soaring vocals that sing melodies which stay in your head for a week! 
You will be one of the performers in Online Female Fest 2. In your opinion, how important are these online events to keep the music industry going during these hard times?
People at home are bored out their brains! There are people who are more vulnerable to catching this virus and suffering quite badly, so they’ve had to stay indoors. This is the LEAST i can do, for loyal fans who have supported me throughout the pandemic, whether that means becoming a patreon, downloading music, buying merch or even just sharing my music and spreading the word. 
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, how about we play a little nerdy game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and ask you a question about it. Ready?
In a universe where you have a tattoo on your arm of lyrics from one of your songs, what would the tattoo say?
“I’ve got a few scars that tell a few stories, some come from pain, some come from glory”
In a universe where music does not exist, what would your profession be?
Hmm, well I’ve been fired from almost every day job I’ve had ha! I’d potentially be a dog walker. I LOVE dogs, and they’re simple. They’re not complicated and calculating like we are, and they’re loyal. 
In a universe where you got a call from Netflix making you an offer so they can use your latest single, ‘Nuclear’ as the theme song of one of their upcoming series, what would you expect the genre of the series to be?
Action movie! Where there’s lots of sex drugs and rock n roll! 
In a universe where humans sense music the same way they sense food, what food would your music taste like?
Ooh that’s a good one! Well my music is a bit of a mix, so id say Yorkshire pudding, with Iranian rice ha! 
That’s an interesting taste!
In a universe where humans can pick a superpower when they make it to a certain age, what superpower would you pick?
My super power would be to heal the world. It’s cheesy I know, but wouldn’t it be amazing to heal people, including yourself of illnesses etc., and also heal the world in the sense of getting rid of carbon emissions, clearing plastic from the seas. To be honest, this superpower could be real, if we all worked together in letting the planet breathe a bit! And value the animals, and the eco system we are living with. 
Thank you for playing, Izzy!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Too many times! I’ve received dick pics from promoters, and there have been many other times that I just felt like I wasn’t being treated with the same respect as other male musicians were. In someway, men are trusted more with big roles, politicians, composers etc., because we’re seen as being too emotional, when as a matter of fact, we’re JUST as capable. Most of the countries making the biggest fuck ups in the world are ran by old men, maybe with a bit more diversity (aka more women leaders), there would be a little more compassion in the world. 
What would you say is your favourite thing about being a musician?
Apart from the opportunity to outlet emotions, it’s the people you meet! Honestly, that’s REALLY the best thing! 
Thank you for the interview Izzy! It has been a real pleasure! 
Likewise, thanks for having me! 

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