Frau Fleischer is a young band from France and Italy who has just released their first single. We had the pleasure of interviewing vocalist Gabriel Daïmon and asking her about her band’s music, their plans for the future, and her thoughts on many other things. Here is our interview with Gabriel Daïmon!


Hello Gabriel! How are you doing?
Hi Metal’s Goddesses, I’m feeling so great and honored to have this time with you, it’s a true pleasure!
You’re the singer of the French band, Frau Fleischer. How would you introduce your band to our readers who are learning about you for the first time?
My band is like a slap in the face, a rough but glam manifesto of freedom. Franz Schultz and Greg Lambert, the two other components of the group, and me are working so hard to make this group something never seen before in the Metal scene. 
Photo by Marcello Simini
Editing by Gabriel Daimon
You are about to release your debut album as I saw on your social media. What is the most exciting thing about having an upcoming release?
It is finally a dream becoming reality. Working hard pays, and we’re working so hard to give ourselves the chances to be what we want to be, and this is the best feeling in the world. I’ve learnt that even though people are always trying to push you down, finding your weaknesses and using them as weapons against your own success, when you’ve found that strength, deep inside of you, nothing can break your own made wings and stop you from flying towards your destiny!
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, how about we play a little imagination game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’d have to react. Ready?
Oh yes, I love this!
In a universe where you’re the singer of a Jazz band, what would the band’s name be?
I’ve been singing jazz some years ago, and I love it so much! My band’s name was Mercy, but now I’d choose a different name, something like No More Mercy? Yes, I like it!
That’s a good name!
In a universe where music is illegal and you are put in jail for one year for each album you own, how long would you be in jail for?
I think that they’d better throw the keys far away, I’ve been listening to so many different genres of music and I was born when CDs were still something that people bought so I had my own collection. I’ve also inherited so many vinyls from my family that I’d surely have a life sentence! But I can tell you that it would be pretty hard to catch me and put me in a cage in that universe, I’d definitely start a Revolution!
Well, that’s the spirit!
In a universe where you pay by telling jokes and being funny, not by money, how rich would you be considered?
I’d be one of the richest people on earth, really I love telling jokes, and I am one of the best at sexual ones. Yes, I’ve got a twisted mind!
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding an object that would represent your personality, what would you be holding?
Well, as I said, I’d be holding an enormous dildo, but I really want it to be on fire as well!
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would Frau Fleischer’s music taste like?
This is something I’ve already been thinking about, and I’m convinced that it would taste like a blue bloody Piece of Meat with an aftertaste of  Bourbon Whiskey, a marvellous mix I think!
That sounds delicious, and thank you for playing, Gabriel!
What is your most treasured music-related memory from your childhood?
It was fun! I must say that time when I listened to Heroes by David Bowie for the first time, I was with my best friends, drinking at a too young age, but we really thought that song was representative of who we were! We were having fun at the pub and we felt the whole world was ours to make, and I’m still thinking that. It’s not about feeling like the King of the world, but mostly like the Queen of the today!  
Photo by Marcello Simini
Editing by Gabriel Daimon
Unfortunately, although we are in 2021, sexism, racism, and other forms of discrimination are still found everywhere. Have you ever been treated with any form of discrimination? How do you react to that treatment and what advice would you give to our young readers who face any form of discrimination in their life?
I grew up in a very close-minded town in Italy, and discrimination has always been close to me. At a very young age, I started to understand that I wasn’t fitting in where people wanted me to fit. I couldn’t consider myself as a boy or a girl, I didn’t understand those definitions stuck to myself. I felt good at being special but couldn’t find answers in my everyday’s life until one day I saw Lady Gaga on tv. Well, she really was an important step for my growth as a person and an artist, she taught me that I was beautiful in my way and gave me that strength of being who I am. I also had the chance to have an open family, my grandmother is an artist and when I was discovering my sexuality she had a love story with a woman, teaching me that I was free to love whoever I wanted to love. When I came out to my mother, she told me that nothing, even being an alien could stop her from loving me, so yes, it hasn’t always been easy but I had the support of the people that surrounded me.

Discrimination is fear and ignorance, and even though our social system is making steps forwards to learn how to accept what is still and wrongly called different, we must always react, in an intelligent way, not starting wars but using the complexity of the mind to understand where does that fear come from and with love and kindness always fight for freedom. It is hard, I know, but put your anger in a song, or a drawing, and use words as weapons. Never fall on the bad side, but fight for everybody and remember, you’re not alone in this!
Thank you for the interview, Gabriel! It was an absolute delight. 
I thank you so much for this opportunity, we had so much fun! I really hope you’ll like our album and I wish you all the best! 

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