This week FEM METAL interviewed leading lady Lilium from metal band Bad Bible curious about her story? Let’s see how this versatile lady puts her creative mind into action.

During the pandemic that has been going on so long Bad Bible has not been sitting still. They actually saw it as a time to pick up those things they didn’t have the opportunity for, Lilium and the band didn’t want to waste any time and created their new single GREED.

According to Lead singer Lilium;  Greed can best be described as a song about

“Human beings and our feelings in stressful situations. How people greedily buy all they can in supermarkets, people even  fight for products just to get what they need. Everyone has stress and no one know what will be next. Also, the pandemic added situations with massive aggression, protests, and wars in some countries. So, Greed – it’s mix of aggression, disappointment, being unsure about the future, stress, and also political games.

The band continuously creates new music and lyrics, but they are waiting for the right time to publish, but Lilium told me a little secret, they are going to release a new single soon so #StayTuned! We at Fem Metal hope to be the first one to hear it! As a band that are fairly new to the Ukrainian rock/metal stage the band faced problems at the start of their metal career due to the pandemic, with their first concert planned last year cancelled due to quarantine and even rehearsals cancelled due to transportation being stopped.

    “Every new track we want to become better in everything; sound, vocals, playing techniques. And we hope our listeners notice it”

The pandemic wasn’t entirely bad for Lilium, she took the time to also explore some other talents. Yes, this Metal Badass is not just a singer she also has a passion for photography and poetry Instagram: @lilium_bad_bible. Lilium is interested in many things, they give her inspiration and show who she is. She goes by how she feels sometimes that means writing poetry, line by line in one breath. In other moments its crazy make up and photos creating beautiful pictures as the ones you can see used in this article. Our Lead singer Lilium has an easy recipe for self-expression; If you feel like doing something new, even if it’s just an idea (that in your head might seem crazy) just do it. There are many little parts of a great puzzle inside every one of us. And this puzzle is our inner self, don’t be afraid to open new horizons of your person, even if no one believes in you!


Lilium took her own advice to heart since being a female singer in a metal band isn’t the most usual thing here is how it all started! Lilium: “It comes from my childhood; I didn’t think much about it. My interests were always different from those of other girls. I was playing football with boys, and there was a funny incident when I was 7-8 years old, my mom came to home and saw how I was cooking soup, but the soup was with Barbies in it. So, it’s something that always was in me but at the same time, I like the “girly things” such as makeup, nails, styling and many other things.  In our modern world women and men can be anyone, there aren’t any borders now.

I  also remember, my dream about being the part of rock/metal band was growing in me since I was 10-11. So, my advice would be getting to know yourself better, it helps to understand what you really need. And always stay who you are.

The band obviously still has dreams they want to fulfill, Rock Am Ring and a world tour being two of the main ones. But the most important thing to Bad Bible and Lilium is that they are heard by many people, people who feel their music, who understand their lyrics by heart and have similar thoughts on situations. And the best reward for a metal band people rocking out to their music!

I also asked had the opportunity to ask if Lilium ever had any bad experiences with her being the singer of the metal band, luckily, she hasn’t. But if she ever encounters it, she will talk to the person If they act in an aggressive way, she won’t waste her time on them.

For all the Metal Ladies listening she has one last message:

Lilium “Don’t be afraid of mistakes, new horizons or of being yourself. Oh And listen to BAD BIBLE 😊 Peace!